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Breaking Griz Football News..Hauck Gives Insight into Loss

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After checking this board repeatedly following the loss to WIU, BH is set to make a statement it's all his fault. It's not due to the weakplay calling as some posters are saying or QB problems or lack of throws to JT and WW. Instead it was due to his not eating a traditional meal of turkey on Thurs. This unothordox approach disrupted his concentration and things went sorry first thing friday morn. and could not be turned around.

So everyone have faith it's been worked into next yrs. contract he must eat turkey. before the playoff game.

Just a little something to make you smile.
Go over to Red's and ask him in person. I think he's probably still there with the other coaches and some seniors (and others).
I'm going to be there Sat. to see the Hens and Panthers. So i'll have an update on Sun. I'll check my sources and hopefully have no inside info on player coming and goings. Stay tuned
One place BH wasn't on saturday was at the Doubletree to face the fans as was announced at the game. He left a roomful of GSA members, Alumni, and griz supporters setting and didn't show!

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