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Brandon Johnson


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Brandon Johnson was rumored to be the next griz recruit, playing cb.
the following is from a post on the MSU site by MslaCat

A paragraph from the artical.
..... The Huskies have offered Johnson a full scholarship to run track. "I went to Montana the week before," Brandon said. "Coach (Bobby) Hauck has offered me a full scholarship to play football there. I don't really know if I want to play football all that much but that trip really got me thinking about it. But I know in my heart that I want to run track. Derrick is a football player that uses track as conditioning. I'm more of a track man."
Pardon my ignorance but who's Derrick? I'm not sure we should want a track guy who doesn't really want to play football.
Yes, Derrick is Brandon's bro. Derrick was listed in the Huskies pre-season press guide as a starter at corner as a soph. Don't remember how he did during the season though.

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