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Boston... Just my opinion


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If the 20 year old Saudi is in fact the perp, he is not only an idiot for getting himself hurt, but he is far from leadership... Simply a pawn...

Whether he gives up details or not remains to be seen, but my prediction is he will cave like a house of cards under interrogation and give up his "handlers"

I have seen said perps cry like babies and give up info because they thought they were going to Guantanamo... That was the promise if they didn't talk... It's all Psychology... A few times, I was in the holding jail of suspected terrorists, and I wasn't the interrogator, but I let them know, like I was the opening act...

Long story short, if the 20 year old is indeed the perp, 17 hours of Metallica and the Barney Song and Sesame Street will result in him turning in his "leaders", and those leaders will wish for a quick death


RIP The Fallen, Thoughts and Prayers to all families affected
I believe that the perp of this tragedy was an american soldier back from Iraq/Afghanistan who has had one or both of his/her legs amputated. This was their way of getting even with someone (s) who was running in the marathon. Someone (s) who is a disgrace to our country, who doesn't have any respect for our military personnel. Remember the Fort Hood Maj? Just a crazy idea I had when I heard of how this happened and where it happened. I hope I am wrong.
How about we let the investigators do their jobs instead of overzealous media and citizen journalists...

Just a thought.
TheBud said:
Perps are originally from Chechnya.

And, they are 26 and 19 years old.

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