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BobKat (Head)Coach Resigned today

Here's the link to the story from MSU's webpage. Drug tests on coaching staff and randomly selected players were negative.

It was about time the MSU heads told the guy to resign. Unfortunately the damage is done. People outside Montana just assume that if one person is doing it, the entire state is involved. Just like the year the Unibomber and Jordan Freeman made national news, our tourism suffered. Some potential tourist were actually quoted as saying they would not feel safe travelling to Montana. I am talking about NYC folks. Same thing with GrizRoc and his obsession about Marshall. Many Marshall fans are going to think all Montanans are all obsessed. How about the 1000 or so that booed at the Griz game. It was less than 5%, but the GF tribune makes a general comment that made it sound like all Griz fans boo. As long as Kramer is coach at MSU, he will continue to bring black sheep to his program that can have a reflection on the entire state. I doubt it, but it could have a negative affect on recruiting some kids.
Any negative effect on recruiting for MSU is a positive for us. Only casual college sports fans from out of the region can't destinguish that UM and MSU are two different entities. When potential recruits look at colleges, this little O'Brien incident isn't going to damage the Griz at all.
This was the same guy who "accidentally" pushed his girlfriend and broke her arm a while ago. I can't believe he was kept around that long.
i'm sure that the administration told ob they would like him to resign. they handled it the right way. after the sheehan debacle,msu wasn't going to screw this one up. op wasn't the one who pushed the psycho girlfriend. it was rushing who had the psycho girlfriend. he's now on dennehey's staff at utah state.
OB pushed the girl in the bar the night the other Ass coach got the DUI, no reg.s no Ins. Obstruction , resisting charges

Those Kitty Coachs sure are sweet guy's Uhhh?