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Bobcats Winning In-State Recruiting Wars???


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From the Bozeman Chronicle:

MSU winning in-state recruiting wars

By PETE FAGGEN, Chronicle Sports Editor
The in-state recruiting tide may be shifting in the wake of the Montana State football team's 2002 Big Sky Conference championship.

Earlier this week MSU received a verbal commitment from Great Falls Russell standout tight end Jason Goodman, one of the Bobcats' biggest Treasure State recruits in recent years.

"I think you are seeing the worm turning a bit there," longtime Russell football coach Jack Johnson said Friday of the in-state recruiting battles with Montana. MSU hadn't won a Big Sky title and advanced to the I-AA playoffs since winning the national championship in 1984. UM, meanwhile, has won two national titles and eight league crowns since '84.

Goodman, a 6-foot-4, 250-pound all-state star, was heavily recruited nationwide by several top Division I schools. During the recruiting process he received scholarship offers from Missouri, Colorado, Colorado State, Wyoming and MSU and UM.

But the bulk of those schools wanted him to play defensive end or tackle, Johnson said.

MSU wants him catching passes at tight end - this year.

"MSU coaches told him, 'we're not going to redshirt you, we'll give you a chance to play as a true freshman,'" Johnson said.

Johnson said UM only offered Goodman a partial scholarship after Goodman recently went on a recruiting visit to Michigan State.

Another helpful recruiting tool for MSU was CMR's attendance at the Bobcat football camp last June. For the second straight year, Johnson brought his entire CMR team, which won the 2001 State AA title, to the camp and that helped Goodman better acquaint himself with the MSU coaching staff.

"He knew the coaches there and I think he liked them," said Johnson, who again plans to bring the CMR team to the Bobcat camp in June. "Jason really liked (MSU defensive line coach) Joe O'Brien. He was able to get familiar with the facilities and with the stadium.

Johnson said CMR does not attend the Montana summer football camp.

Goodman was playing basketball for CMR in Billings on Friday and could not be reached for comment.

As for Goodman playing on the hardwood in college, Johnson offered some insight.

"Intramural hoops, maybe," he said.

Bobcat coaches can't comment until Goodman signs a national letter-of-intent next Wednesday.
Wow, the Bozo newspaper is getting really hard up positive news! :eek:
The Cats get one player from Montana and they think they're onto something! Let's look at the list on Wednesday then revise the article so it's accurate. What a stupid article!! :-?
We might have missed out on a good one but it's clear we don't need more tight ends and we couldn't afford to spend a full scholarship on a player who insisted on playing tight end. Interesting that Johnson confirmed JK's announcement that the Griz only offered Goodman a partial ship. Me thinks if we only miss out on the players we're offering partial ships to, we'll be okay -- even if they go to MSU.
Longhorns' Utterback to ink with UM
By Tribune Staff

FORT BENTON -- Loren Utterback, a Great Falls Tribune Super-State running back who led the Fort Benton Longhorns to the state Class B football championship last fall, said Sunday he will accept a scholarship offer from the University of Montana.
Utterback rushed for more than 4,000 yards in four years in coach Kevin Smith's Wing-T offense, finishing as one of the top five runners in Montana prep history. He played more than half his senior year with a brace on his left knee after suffering a serious ACL tear.

He underwent knee surgery in late November and his recovery is going well. The 6-foot-2, 194-pounder had to sit out basketball season, but hopes to compete in track starting in March. He is one of the top track athletes in the state, competing in sprints, hurdlers and horizontal jumps.

Utterback said his final choice came down to Montana or Montana State. He was recruited early by such schools as Colorado State, Wyoming and Oregon State, but those programs lost interest after he suffered his knee surgery.

He is projected as either a running back or defensive back in college.

National signing day is Wednesday, Feb. 5. The Grizzlies have verbal commitments from several in-state athletes including Utterback, Kyle Samson of Helena Capital, Kyle Ryan of Billings West and Lex Hilliard of Kalispell.
Interesting that they say the tide has turned and yet they only have one example of a kid that we competed for that ultimately signed with MSU. And given what he wanted to do and what we offered I can understand why he would make that choice. It had more to do with what he personally wanted than any teams facilities, tradition and opportunities.

What other 'recruiting wins' have the Cats gotten over UM this year? I'm guessing that if they had them they would have mentioned them in the article.

Goodman is a good get for them, but I think the article is reaching a bit to far.
Wow I should have gone to MSU and got a degree in journalism. I would then be able to get a job at the Bozeman Chronicle where I could make a big story of something minor. The Griz have been, are and always will be king of recruiting in the state.