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Bobcats on TV...


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For those in Montana (who even care to watch this), Omega TV will be showing the MSU - ISU game @ 2:05 PM. For a complete channel listing for your area, visit this link:

If nothing else, it'll be good for a either a laugh or a good pre-game warmup before you watch the Griz trounce Weber! I think it'll be both! hehe.

Think of the drinking games that could go along with this...
Every time the Bobcats turn over the ball... *drink*
Every time the Bobcats have to punt... *drink*
Every time the Bobcats get scored on... *drink*

One could get quite 'Hammered' doing this... :wink:
No offense GoodGodGriz, but if any Griz fans play a drinking game watching the Cats they are crazy. No matter how hard-core of a drinker you are, there is no way in hell you'd survive the afternoon to be able to watch the Griz game that night!!! :lol:
Think of the drinking game that could go along with the Griz....

Every time the Griz give up a touchdown...*drink*
Every time the Griz give up a field goal... *drink*
Evey time the Griz get a home job...*drink*

If people were to play this game, you would be passed out by the end of the 1st quater!!!!!!!!!! 8)
To do something like that...

is called PARTISAN SUICIDE. :cry:

(Am I the first to coin that? If someone else coined it lemme know.) :cry: