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Bobcats and North Dakota


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Can't wait for the game this year.

Oh, and this proves BOZO needs to be in ND, http://laughingsquid.com/the-corporate-states-of-america-a-map-of-the-most-famous-brands-from-each-state/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; :thumb: :lol:
Hammer said:

Not sure Great Harvest is the most famous Montana company, tho. :?:

I questioned that too, but anything to make Montana a 1 team Div 1 state, and in Missoula. :thumb:
HighLineGRIZ said:
What is Montana's most recognizable brand? KOA?

Montana GRIZ.

In Nebraska, it is the Cornhuskers.

Granted, not considered businesses, but hard to argue they are not the most recognizable brand in their respected states.

As for corporations, I would say Cabellas or Mutual of Omaha, for Nebraska.

Montana is a tough one to really know.
it was the genius that came up with the "Made in Montana" stickers which the logo has soared..... into paraphernalia of your choice. brilliantly done from a marketing point of view branding the state of Montana.
Simms is a pretty well known brand for fishing enthusiasts as is Sun Mountain is for golf.

DA Davidson is fairly well known in the Investment arena. CTA Architects in Engineering is fairly large and is national. Big Sky Brewery has a pretty widespread and well-known distribution now.

Stillwater Mining is the only Montana based company that trades on the NYSE anymore I believe.

Any others?
You can tell you are getting old when people think of a bread franchise as Montana's best known company instead of The Company. Funny, though, even when Butte was one of the largest cities west of the Mississippi, and The Company was the 4th largest company in the World we still didn't fund Montana athletics well enough to really compete in the PCC. I guess it isn't about size, it is about commitment.

edit: I wonder how they feel in Seattle about Starbucks being better known than Boeing, much less Microsoft.