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Bobcat Polka


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I am in desperate need of a copy of the Bobcat Polka. During the next 6-8 weeks, I have an MSU graduate doing manual labor for me. I need to have some background music for him. It would be much appreciated if somebody can help me get a copy. I will thank my fellow Griz Brothers in advance for the help.
Contact KZOQ in Missoula. Craig & Al used to play it in the morning there. They have moved to the parent company's new station, but someone should know how to get it.
NativeGriz, A Christian would consider the feelings of another (even a Bobcat) over a good joke.

I hope I misunderstood your post!

Thanks for the response and Grassgrunt, you did not misunderstand my post. This particular MSU grad is a good friend and top notch builder, which he attributes to his engineer degree from MSU. But he takes and hides anything I own with a Griz logo except my license plates. I am way behind in paybacks. As for conduct unbecoming of a Christian, I have always believed God has a sense of humor. Why else would he have created poodles and bobcats.

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