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Bobcat Game


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Does anyone know if the Bobcat game is going to be on local TV this weekend? I don't receive any local channels (to many trees) but I would like to watch it and will have to start knocking on doors down in the valley if it is.
MSU's website says it is being broadcast on the StateFarm Bobcat Network... radio only.

Its an away game, and I dont think they have the Wins to get someone to put up the $$ to televise the thing.

However, this is an interesting tidbit from their own site...
The Bobcats are 0-2 after byes under Mike Kramer, though, and have lost five of their last seven games played after a bye.
And Cal Poly is very good this year. They creamed UTEP and whooped Sac State last week. They'll have an eye to spoil our homecoming on October 5.

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