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Bobby links

Dear Dawgman: I see where Bobby Hauck is possibly interviewing for the head coach position at University of Montana. Do you think he would be a good head coach? How much of a loss do you think he would be for the Dawgs? Thanks for your site

A: He has everything you look for in a head coach. He is a solid recruiter, a smart guy, and media savvy. I think he would be a great coach, and Neuheisel would have a big hole to fill in both the secondary and in talent evaluation if he were to lose Hauck.

Oh by the way, that last link you posted had a pretty darn good comment about Bob hauck. He looks pretty darn good. Just so he doesn't bring Kraig Paulson here as defensive coordinator. Heard from someone on Grizzlyboards.com that they were room mates.
True - I think/hope that the Paulson thing was a joke. I think Paulson is younger than Bob by a few years.

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