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Blue Hens in 3

The Deleware Win is Huge....it was a great game! Hopefully Woffard, Southern Illinois, & McNeese State will find the same fate today. There is an outside chance that Deleware could jump the Griz in the polls being they played a High Ranking team...What do you think?
You my be right about Delaware jumping past us. But in college football and the polls it is better to lose early in the season than late in the season. So if that philophsy stands Griz will stay ahead of Delaware if with 2 losses..

Go Griz..........
The poll can think what it wants. The selection committee will still have Delaware before Montana, but there could still be room in the top 4 for us.
Jimus.... only IF we beat our archenemies from Villanova next week, and those guys have had our number the past few years. Hopefully the breaks will go our way, for a change vs Nova this year.