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Billings Radio Coverage

Da Boyz Mom

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I am usually just a lurker, but had a question someone might know the answer to. On the UM site under radio stations KBUL 970 is listed for Billings, but for some reason 1490 KBSR carried last week's game instead. Like many people, I like to watch the tv and listen to the radio, but 1490 is out of Laurel and underpowered and I can't get it to come in decently. Does anyone know if the list of radio stations on the UM site is up to date?

Thanks for any info! :D
The University of Montana’s flagship station KGVO-AM (1290) Radio of Missoula is now in its fifth season as the Grizzlies’ flagship station, and features 16 stations statewide this season:
FLAGSHIP: Missoula KGVO, 1290 AM
Anaconda: KQRV, 96.9 FM
Billings: KBUL, 970 AM
Butte/Deer Lodge: KQRV, 96.9 FM
Glasgow: KLTZ, 1240 AM
Glendive: KXGN, 1400 AM
Great Falls: KMON, 560 AM
Hamilton: KLYQ, 1240 AM
Hardin: KHDN, 1230 AM
Helena: KCAP, 1340 AM
Kalispell: KOFI, 1180 AM
Laurel: KBSR, 1490 AM
Lewistown: KXLO, 1230 AM
Livingston: KPRK, 1340 AM
Miles City: KMTA, 1050 AM
Plentywood: KATQ, 1070 AM & 100.1 FM

On the Internet: http://www.mtgriz.com/ Using Real Audio, you can listen and watch most all Football, Basketball, and Volleyball games. Special thanks go out to Corporate Technology Group for providing this service to UM Grizzly fans.
How good is the coverage, though? I've tried to listen to NFL games this way and the reception kept coming and going. Sometimes be nothing for 20min.