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Billings Gazette picks Griz in close game

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Saturday's paper says:

The pick: MSU has had the great and not-so-good on special teams. UM has been more steady, and has the edge in placekicking with Chris Snyder. UM gets a special eight-point win in the snow, 21-13.

Other Big Sky games: Weber State will win at 1-10 St. Mary's 38-7, and wonder about getting swept by the Montana teams while watching the I-AA playoffs ... Idaho State will win its 11th straight home game (over 4-6 Southern Utah), and wonder - while watching the I-AA playoffs - what good it did to sweep the Montana teams. Record last week: 4-1 (41-16 overall).

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Oh by the way ... its 2 degrees in Billings this morning.

Go Griz!

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