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Big Sky Week 10 recap


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I'm back with the latest recap after a week off!
Once again, congrats on the victory Saturday. I really thought we (SAC) could turn the corner for once, but oh well. Good luck the rest of the season.
Good summary. I laughed at the burning building/baby comment.

Montana took a little trip to Central California this week to play the Sacramento State Hornets and as a result we got to watch free football! Is there anything more satisfying than getting to watch free football on a Saturday? Nope, can’t think of a single thing. Well, I can think of a couple things but this is a PG rated blog. The Griz and Hornets decided to have themselves a good ol’ fashioned WAC track meet. Defense, sit on the bench, you’re not needed here. Hornet quarterback Garrett Safron lost his damn mind and threw for 412 yards, rushed for 93 yards, accounted for 6 touchdowns, saved a baby from a burning building, was the victim of attempted murder by two different Grizzly linebackers, and all he got was a loss. Seriously, Safron was #beastmode (as bwahlberg and I like to call it) for a good part of this game. The Hornets also had a pair of 100 yard receivers, Deandre Carter and Morris Norrise (seriously..). On the other side of the ball was Jordan Johnson who started off VERY slow with missed passes and receivers having a case of the dropsies, but after some soul searching he threw for 381 and two scores. Jordan Canada punched the ball in four times for the Grizzly offense. Montana looked to have this game wrapped up, but the Hornets scored with :23 left on the clock to force overtime. Once overtime came it was all Griz, holding the Hornets to a FG on the first possession. On the first play of the Griz possession of OT Jordan Johnson hit Ellis Henderson in the corner of the end zone, wide open, for the game winning touchdown. Montana will travel to South Dakota to take on the Coyotes, the Hornets will make a quick trip to San Luis Obispo to take on Cal Poly.

That was a marathon paragraph. Wow.

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