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Big sky tv


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Never have used big sky tv. When I log in it tells me that there aren't any events scheduled. I'm on an iPad...not sure if that has anything to do with it. Anybody have any suggestions?
Make sure and install all the necessary software as described in their instructions, try their test page and you should be able to view. The ladies are on now so you should be able to pull them up.
JJ, sorry I'm late to the party here. You may have to click on My Account and reenter your name and password. That generally works for me.

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Thanks guys...figured it out...had to install puffin app on iPad then the other software.
http://nowwatchtvlive.com/2011/09/watch-espnu-live-online-free-espnu-usa-channel-espnu-college-sports/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
MissoulaMarinerFan said:
Thanks GrizPysch! Does anything need to be downloaded, or do you just click links?

For the link provided here, it is a direct link. So, you should only have to click my link and then maybe close some ads. Only if you do not get a stream, click one of the link buttons. Regarding downloading something, I didn't have to. But, That is probably because of other things I have done to my computer ;)
Regardless, do not download anything from their site. Rather, if needed, download the most up to date flashplayer.
Awesome bro. That's what I thought. Was just checking. I'm familiar with "other" sites to get games and stuff, but not that one. Thanks again!