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Big Sky Football stats after week 3


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Found these stats on Sports Illistrated this morning. I don't think that they really follow 1-AA very well, and I see that they say Montana averages 40 points/game when we actually average 30 so they have questionable math as well. What the heck! They do have a link on their home page to the swimsuit models!

Take these stats for what they are worth. Right now I'd say nothing more than ammo for 2 weeks of Egriz chat until our next game!


Plays Yards Yds/game

1. Sacramento St. 213 1037 345.7
2. Idaho St. 217 965 321.7
3. Eastern Washington 204 932 310.7
4. Weber St. 183 921 307.0
*5. Northern Arizona 152 871 435.5
6. Montana 192 802 267.3
*7. Portland St. 131 772 386.0
*8. Montana St. 134 753 376.5

* these teams have only played 2 games.


Plays Yards Yards/Game

1. Montana 166 560 186.7
2. Eastern Washington 146 613 204.3
3. Weber St. 153 705 235.0
*4. Montana St. 139 524 262.0
*5. Northern Arizona 125 585 292.5
6. Idaho St. 154 1088 362.7
7. Sacramento St. 215 1089 363.0
*8. Portland St. 84 579 579.0

* These teams have only played 2 games

Can anyone verify these defensive stats? I like our defense but it seems to me we have given up more that 560 yards in 3 games. I suspect SI didn't get all their stats updated correctly after Saturday.

Here is the link to SI for the rest of the stats!

The offensive numbers look about right. The Big Skys worst so far, but I believe the best by seasons end. Too many weapons to hold us down. The boys will get it together over the next three games.

The defensive numbers are probably for just two game and they are dividing by three. They can't be right because we have been outgained in all three games. That means we must be giving up an average of around 280-285 yards per game.

I'll be happy if we can keep the defensive numbers where they are for average. We need to add 200 yards per game to the offensive numbers.
Those numbers aren't reliable since everyone's played such different schedules so far. There haven't been any conference games. Still, our offense is really struggling, and it shows.