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Big Sky Conference Spring Prospectus

very interesting read. I like the returning starters stat. Once you factor in pitcher and varona who were all conference '01- but not listed among returning ones, the Griz look stacked as ever.
I got to say PSU has a nice looking schedule next year, with the exception of Fresno State, which is probably not going to do much but pad their bank account. PSU also has the most question marks. I expect lots of jucos -walsh likes them.
I see Weebs and ISU are still looking to the NAIA for opponents. That's too bad because it pulls down the conference rating as a whole and it will keep a third Big Sky team out of the playoffs assuming we get three considered and one of them is ISU.
MSU has a very winable schedule, perhaps too winable, given they don't screw things up in Cheney or Portland and can find enough kids to form an offensive line. How the hell did they end up with a home and home contract with St. Mary's - that's botched. For a team that's really high on itself right now, MSU has a lot of holes to fill. They don't have a real challenge until the middle of October.

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