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Big Sky coach to WSU?


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Hopefully WSU will interview and distract both of them next week, say Thursday before the tournament:

Sterk said he will address the situation Monday.

At that time, it will be announced that Graham has been fired, said a source.

Earlier in the week, several sources within the athletics department told The Spokesman-Review that, after initially believing Graham would be back, the mood around the department had changed and it had become likely that Graham would be fired at the end of the season.

In four seasons, Graham has a 31-78 record. He has one game remaining, Saturday against USC.

Apparently, Sterk has started to search out a replacement. He acknowledged that he attended the Eastern Washington-Portland State game Feb. 22. Ray Giacoletti, EWU's coach, is believed to be a strong candidate for the position.

Sterk has also scouted Weber State coach Joe Cravens, according to ESPN.com. That report could not be confirmed by The Spokesman-Review. Earlier in the season, when approached about the possibility of returning to the Palouse, Cravens, a former University of Idaho coach, dismissed the notion.