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Big game Tonight!!!!!


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so where is all the talk about tonihgts big game ? This could be a big win going in to the post season. So what do you all think who will win by how much? I can't beleive the lack of interest on both boards for this game!! :cry:
Griz are going to win. Montana is a football school is why there is so little talk about basketball.
Oh my how things have changed in 10yrs. When I moved away in about 93 the griz where not quite a "football school" we had some damn good times with raucaus crowds at basketball games. I also remember small crowds at dornbalser and at wa griz the first couple years. Do you remember when Mark Glass, the zanon bros, allen nielson , tinks. krysko, schroeder, and richardson where the talk of town.I am flat nuts about football nowadays too but I am a griz fan so I support all athletics not just the winning football team! GO GRIZ beat the cats!@#
Yeah, I remember those days very well. The end of game today reminded me very well of those days. 7,094 fans were really loud at the end. It was awesome.

Seems to be more basketball fans on grizzlyboards.com than this board. Not many more, but there is more.