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Best Unknown Talent


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Gabe Brown, DE from GFHS, apparently a 6'5" 260 lb. monster on the line. May not make Clearinghouse, but worked Purnell Booth over for four quarters in GF. Rematch in playoffs did not occur because Brown had a broken leg. Anyone else have info on this guy?? Sister currently a student at UM??
You're right!! the Brown kid is a dandy and when we were in Great Falls watching the West game, he did pretty much kick ass on Booth that night. There have been other posts about him that he might have a grade problem. Anybody know anything more concrete about this. It's not like he'd be the first to maybe not be pulling the weight in the classroom but that's what the comments have been.
He is a stud for sure.
For those who know, could this kid grey-shirt to get his grades up, or would he have to go the "non-qualifier" route like Vernon did?
That's an interesting question Grizpack. How does the grey shirt thing work? Why would one kid be eligible (Vernon, Murphy, Hartman). and another not? Funny, but I never even heard of a grey shirt until two years ago.
athletic eligibility is 5 years from the day that you start school.(not counting a medical redshirt.)

In the case of Hartman and Murphy they did not enroll until 2nd semester of 2002. So that allowed them 5 years of football since they started after the season has ended. so they can play fall 2003,2004,2005,2006,and 2007, if they redshirt.

In regard to Vernon Smith he was a prop 48 so he couldnt compete or practice his freshman year. If he graduates in his 4 years from the time he started school he will be granted 1 more year of playing tim, which is entirely different than a redshirt.

I also believe the 1st time I saw this used was in basketball with the Camel kid from Hellgate. Im not copmpletely sure but it was the same situation.
Talking with some people from Great Falls, Brown's grades are not a concern, never have been. He is a beast. Unanimous all-state selection at D end. Lives in the weight room. Has the ability and talent to make a contribution immediatly for the Griz. Murphy better be careful...
Have there been any Montana kids, that have committed to the University of California BozoAngeles? I should have added are there any good MT kids going to UCBA. It was frustrating to lose Donovan to Wazoo. The player I was most impressed with this year was Thomas from Dillon. That kid was amazing throwing the ball on the run, hitting a receiver 30 yards down field on the outside shoulder where only the receiver could catch the ball in double coverage. He was also excellent on defense. The kid has a 6th sense. He will be even better when he only plays one way. I just hope the Griz dont go cheap on him with a partial ride.
The Kinyon kid from Conrad is a stud-6'3" 245 and runs a 4.6-was the 215 pound state wrestling champion in Washington last year. Both the cats and the griz want this kid.
GrizzGirl, eligibility is not 5 years from when a player enrolls in school. Contrary to what you said, both Hartman and Murphy enrolled in the first semester a year ago, is my understanding. They were not yet on scholarship and did not practice with the team, so they "greyshirted". The 5-yr. rule must relate to when the player becomes part of the program.
I believe eligiblity starts when a player becomes a Full Time student. Weber St. lost a QB last year because of this rule. WSU coaches thought he had another year left but the NCAA said no.
I do believe i am right, My information comes from a pretty reliable source. But thank you for the information.
GrizzGirl is right. Hopefully Vernon will get serious about his studies. I would love to have him for another year. He is a great person as well as athlete.
i think twentythree is right....it depends on when a player is a full-time student. Hartman was only a part-time student thus that year didn't count.
twentythreeOh4 is right, eligibility starts once the player becomes a full-time student. A greyshirt can only be a part-time student. So it would make sense for a greyshirt to enroll in the second semester.
Regarding greyshirts, here's what I found on the web (altho I don't know it's accurate):

Re: Could someone explain what this means exactly? nm
A grey shirt is a recruit that agrees to accept a scholarship but not to enroll as a full-time student and join the team until the second semester. This means they count against the next class as far as the 25 scholarship limit goes. It also gives a program time to have some current players graduate in December and free up ships under the 85 limit. In our case, we'll sign these four guys in the class of 2003 but they will count against the class of 2004.

The players could enroll at ISU as part-time students in the fall if they wanted to. They start full-time in January, join the team and can participate in spring drills. They can then redshirt the following fall (if they are not ready to "hit the field" yet. This essentially gives them two years after highschool before their eligibility starts running.

You aluded to this in your explanation, Cloned, but it's worth emphasizing that a greyshirt gets the extra winter workout session and that extra spring practice, both at the front end, to give him a jump-start in both his physical development and skills training. It's almost like giving a guy 6-to-play-4...obviously not quite 6, but close enough to it to make a difference in the player's contribution down the road.
After reading that, I realize that I am wrong about a greyshirt enrolling in the 2nd semester. 1st semester would be wiser. He could then become a redshirt 2nd semester and of course his eligibility would exhaust after a fall semester and football season 5 years down the road.
I agree and the Kicker from Helena that everyone is after. The rats will go :mad: if we lock up those 2 kids.