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Best Seahawks bar in Missoula?


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Thought I would ask you eGrizzers what the best place in Missoula is to watch Seahawks games. There is a decent Seahawks following here, but their games never air here locally (not counting nationally-televised games), which is a big reason go to bars when the Seahawks aren't on local TV.

Reason why I'm opening up this topic is because I just saw that The Top Hat in downtown Missoula is now a Packers bar (per their Facebook page). Many of us know that Paradise Falls is the Steelers bar, and I've managed to watch many a Seahawks game there provided it doesn't conflict with a Steelers game. In the case of a Steelers/Seahawks conflict, I'd usually go to the Press Box, Elbow Room, or Boomer's Pub.