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Best Ever at WR?


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Since we got on the topic of recievers? Who do yall think is/was the best reciever in Griz history? Just cuious to see what yall think? Go Griz!
The Griz have had so many great receivers it is very hard to pick one as the best. My favorites though were Matt Wells and Shalon Baker this is probably because both these guys could be calsified as "mighty mites" but they still could play the game very well. Any time a guy that size has enough determinationay courage to play football on the college or professional level they earn a lot of respect in my opion.
Gurnsey & Douglas were the biggest gamers I've ever seen. I'd take either one of them in the 4th quarter because they made the big catches at the crucial moments.
The answer is Douglas.

But I will throw out my fav~ Marvin Turk.

And we have had soooooo freakin many great ones. Really hard to sort them all out in rank. Farris, Watkins, Wells, Pacecho(sp), Baker.....ect.
Any receiver that had super Dave throwing to him.
I hate that guy. He's ruined me for any future Griz QB.

Go Griz and N Ariz and
Go N Iowa
Douglas gets my vote, just too many clutch runs after the catch.

Gurnsey was also a good gamer but seemed to be an even bigger "player". Not that that is bad, mind you.

Marvin Turk was a slow footed receiver that flat out performed when he got his few chances. I still remember him running to a far corner so that he wouldn't get caught on a long TD pass play at WA-Griz. He had an incredible vertical leap and was a very good basketball player as well. It was all he could do to put the dropped pass in the endzone against Reno in overtime behind him. Took it pretty hard at the time.
Gee, nobody mentioned Billy Cockhill??? :p ............ sorry, couldn't resist.

I agree with Douglass and Farris and I was sitting in the endzone when Marvin Turk couldn't hold on against Reno that day.....whatta bummer.
ok my memory of great griz players only extends to 98 when i started to attend UM so i can only judge WRs from the past couple years, but Jimmy Farris and Etu are the two best ive seen. I loved seeing Etu line up against some 5'10 corner and just burn him. Etu could sky too. Is it me or does it seem like all our recievers now have a height deffiency? Plus, Etu was big time clutch. Rambing again, but it was nice knowing that if we were down, Miller could find Farris or Etu, and know that they would catch the ball...it just seems know the reciever corp is surprised when a ball is thrown to one of them...lord only knows who is going to be a clutch reciever for the playoffs.
Wow.. really tough to answer. Douglass, Farris most certainly. Next level: Baker, Cabanouc, Pacheco, Rice, Trevathan, Hancock, Wells, Gurnsey, and-that-tall-blonde-kid-from-Great-Falls (i think)-that-wore-#8. I hate to admit that I really miss those days.... :roll:

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