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Best Case/Worst Case

Grizzly Oredigger

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Best Case/Worst Case Scenarios for Syracuse and Montana from Pat Forde/Yahoo. Pretty funny stuff.

"Syracuse Record: 26-9 (11-7 Big East)
Last 10 games: 5-5
Best wins: SDSU, Louisville, G'town
Key losses: 'Nova, L'ville (x2), G'town (x2)
Leading scorer: C.J. Fair (14.4)

Best case: James Southerland continues his blazing 3-point shooting. Michael Carter-Williams re-establishes his NBA point-guard credentials. Brandon Triche steps back up to January form. Jim Boeheim gets the zone mojo going and Syracuse takes advantage of a fairly easy path to the Sweet 16. From there, Orange frustrate Indiana and pull the upset and then take down Miami in the regional final. Boehiem is so happy he doesn't snap at a single reporter the entire tourney. In one last Big East party, Orange beat Georgetown before falling to Louisville for the third time in four meetings. Boeheim flirts with hanging it up, but comes back because the Syracuse winters so perfectly match his demeanor.

Worst case: Team that has lost five of its last nine games comes staggering into the Dance and doesn't stay long. Orange don't deal well with long commute out west and late tipoff time, and are stunned by Montana in their first game. Southerland's shot dries up, Carter-Williams has more turnovers than assists and Triche's game stays on sabbatical. Boeheim blames loss on Andy Katz, then goes after several other reporters for daring to ask questions about the game. With program under NCAA investigation and no interest in starting over in the ACC, Boeheim calls it quits – but not before coach-in-waiting Mike Hopkins leaves for the USC job. Late-March blizzard dumps two feet on Syracuse, adding to the joy.

Montana Record: 25-6 (19-1 Big Sky)
Last 10 games: 8-2
Best wins: Weber St. (x2), San Diego
Key losses: BYU, Colorado St., Davidson
Leading scorer: Mathias Ward (14.8)

Best case: Led by the lyrically named Wayne Tinkle, the Grizzlies score the biggest triumph in school history. They stun Syracuse on a 30-footer by Jordan Gregory, touching off a wild celebration in San Jose. Grizz then meet another double-digit seed in the second round, No. 12 California, and topple the Bears as well behind a big game by guard Will Cherry, whose return from a late-season injury saved Montana's season. Montana jets across country to Washington, D.C., to play Indiana in the Sweet 16 and promptly loses, but First Baller Barack Obama drops by to see the game. Unencumbered by re-election concerns, Obama does not have to focus his attendance on electoral votes and thus shows up to see the Cinderella from the three-vote state.

Worst case: Tinkle can't sprinkle enough pixie dust on his players to overcome Syracuse. Short team struggles with long Orange zone, and defense is not tenacious enough to stop the 'Cuse on the other end. Game gets ugly early as hope quickly evaporates. Montana is one-and-done. Fans are free to return to tying flies in anticipation of trout fishing season."

I'm definitely dreaming about being in the Sweet 16...
Here's the link to the East Region...sorry

http://sports.yahoo.com/news/ncaab--2013-ncaa-tournament-east-scenarios--best-and-worst-cases-for-indiana--rest-of-pack-081319161.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

He did this for every team...
..if Syracuse owns the paint we lose

IF our perimeter game clicks and we get some inside drives we got a real chance...

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