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Average talent to work with.


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1) I don't ever recall the Coaching Staff saying we had a lot of GREAT
talent and great players! The only people saying we had great talent
was us, the fans! (I still think we did and do by the way!)

Maybe we, as fans, expected way to much from everyone this
year. It would have been very easy to do because of the numbers
of returning starters we had. Maybe "we" just over rated them!
Add in all the hype that WE fans created about Ochs and Disney
at the beginning of the year and maybe we were just expecting
to much! (If you recall, we fans were really "feeding" off of each
other on just how great this team was going to be!)

If you recall, Haucks statement about the team after the NAU game
was that maybe they (the Griz) are better than he thought (or
something to that effect).

2) It is pretty obvious to me that the Coaches didn't have a lot of faith
in our "skill" positions. Thus, the conservative play calling in critical
situations. The plays called were called because they didn't want to
loose by making a mistake, instead of "attacking" to win! Why is that?
Are the players we have to slow, not smart enough, not big enough,
not something else? This is the biggest question which I would like

I agee with the post in another thread. We had average talent at best. The Offensive line has been banged up all year. The QB's are average at best. The linebackers are average at best. The DB's are below average and inexperienced. The receivers, well the receivers, they have a hard time seperating and getting open. Below average talent. Did you notice how wide open W. Illinois receivers were all day? Those are good receivers.

The only area I give a good grade is Running Back, kickers and Returners.

The Coaches did a fantastic job with so-so talent.
On the receivers, I have to disagree; these fellows did well last year; the drop off in their production is due to other factors
Rainbow, you're so full of horse patouty! This was the best Griz talent since 1995! We had 16 starters back from a team which should have beaten McNeese (we led by 17 points mid-way into the 3rd quarter), and easily could have been playing for the NC! We were better this year at running back and QB. It's coaching, my short-peckered friend! With each successive post, you convince me yet again, how truly pathetic you are in understanding the very rudimentary aspects about the game of football!
You have got to be kidding.

Let's see... coaches have said all year that they have no talent to work with...hmm Even if it's true why would you come out and state that? I'll tell you why...built in excuses. Blame the players not the coaches.

Recievers: A guy 2 years out of EWU is the recievers coach. He doesn't have near the experience needed to get through the rough spots and coach players his own age to run different routes and get open...he might be able to do it but he sure can't coach it.
DBs: When you play zone players are going to be wide open...it's the defensive scheme. Coaching

I'm real sorry to all of you who like the way the coaches handled things this year. But IMO you don't come in as new coaches and tell your players they don't have the talent to win. Why not come in and do your best...let players have the opportunity to make plays. If the players aren't good enough then it's your job as coaches to make them good enough. You have to let the players have the opportunity to make plays. Don't take their heart and take the game out of their hands. Totally undercuts the players and the confidence they have in themselves.

There was a QB contraversy between Ochs and Disney before the season in Hauck's mind. Wasn't sure who was the one. What did he see in Disney that most of us didn't. I'm not saying Disney isn't any good but is clearly not the player Och's is.

Maybe we did overate our team but as fans that is our job. Support through thick and thin. It would have been nice to see Hauck do just a little bit of it. I just don't think you go and tell everyone within ear shot that you don't have the talent level that you were expecting and then try to inspire your players to win games.
ronbo said:
We had average talent at best. The Offensive line has been banged up all year. The QB's are average at best. The linebackers are average at best. The DB's are below average and inexperienced. The receivers, well the receivers, they have a hard time seperating and getting open. Below average talent.

The Coaches did a fantastic job with so-so talent.

The players rarely had the strategic advantage of surprise. Because of unimaginitive play calling, opposing defenses knew EXACTLY what we were going to do on just about every play. Yet the Griz offense was still able to pile up yards consistently, scoring over 30 points in just about every game. To me, this would seem to put the lie to the 'average talent' statement.
The Griz had very good talent, in my view. At the end of spring ball, the main concern was the secondary. In addition to lack of experience at the one corner and overall depth in the secondary, the coaches were concerned that DD's aggressiveness took him out of position too often. They also wondered if he would be grade eligible, as he had alot of ground to make up (he got an A and 2 B's). It was hoped that Scholle would be able to play, and he was thought to be the likely starter. The coaches believe the top 8 Griz O-lineman are better than the top 8 at UW, and that McFarland, Decker and Procter would start at UW. QB, RB and TE would thought to be strong, but QB and RB were untested. D-line was strong and deep. Linebackers were solid, but could have used more speed and size. Meyers was recognized a gem. I've seen posts indicating that the coaches were also concerned about team speed.
Rhoda - after all this BS you've been spouting in your unability to stand up for Phinece, and excuse his errors or blame everyone and everything but him, why do you stand ALONE, everyone! everywhere sees that the main BLAME with questionable talent is the less than Beloved OC, It won't be the 1st time he's had to look for a new job - the Griz deserves an OC that has some BALLS of an unpredictable size - like many of us have said all season - " the other teams coach is probably about as football smart as my wife, and she can predict YOUR "OC's" call 5 of 7 times"
ronbo, where were you at the start of the season with the "average players" crap?
right now, you're just trying to make excuses for your coaching buddies.

If you think Ochs is "average at best" you clearly don't have any idea what a good qb is.

I just watched him make a drive in the last 2 mins at nebraska and not only throw a TD, but even when the PAT would have tied it the coach goes for 2 and does he run it? no! the coach calls for Oachs to pass. and its good with Ochs rolling right and throwing on the run making a perfect strike. Keep in mind Colorado had a powerfull running game and yet when they needed 2.5 yards they passed it.

with an "average-at best" qb colorado either goes for the tie or runs it.

Please ronbo, do us all a favor and pull your head out.