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Attendance predictions!

Agent 00Pike

Well-known member
I've never been one thats been big on making predictions on the scores of games, but heres a prediction that I would like to make just for fun. My prediction for Saturdays attendance is - 23, 543.

Anyone else want to throw the dice?
I quit posting my score predictions after the NDSU loss so I will try my hand at this. My guess is... 23,315
I'll guess 23,003....all time low since the expansion! Unless PSU brings 500. :eek: Did I just say if PSU brings 500???? they will be lucky to bring 50!
I'm with GeauxGriz

as Bob Barker says.....the attendance is? :wink:


sorry lonnnnnnng week of work!

man I wish I could be there.....tear em up WA-GRIZ crowd!

the crowd roars..... FIRST DOWNNNNNNNN ....MONTANA!

Bad weather (off color of what we have had) and Opening weekend of Rifle/Big Game. I can't be the only fan not gonna make it. :oops:

Go Griz!