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As if the game wasnt good enough...


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Our own Chris Lynn, Mr. Egriz himself nailed a fg during one of the TV timeouts. He cleared it by about a foot high and won himself freeDickeys BBQ for a year. I hear he's taking us egrizzer's. Nice job Chris
So that was Chris! Fantastic kick right down the middle and it must've cleared by a foot and a half from my vantage point 110+ yards away.
Cleared it by a foot my ass..... :lol:

As Peter Christian said. Good thing there wasn't anyone trying to block it.

Great job Chris. Let us know when the first night is.
haha, thanks! Yeah, it didn't go near as high as I wanted it to but it was straight as could be ;)

Loved the MONTANA GRIZZLIES chant as I was kicking!