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As Bullwinkle used to say . . . "Hello Poetry Lovers&qu


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The Beer Not Drunken

Two tailgates diverged under yellow woods
And sorry I could not drink at each
And still see kickoff, long I stood
And looked at kegs of of beer so good
And where taps glinted within reach

Then took the Drool and not a Coke
And though Drool is not quite clear
Because it's brown and tastes like smoke
Though as for that, when drinking beer
The desired result is louder cheer

Both tailgates that morning were equally stocked
With burgers, brauts and Finger's Ray tunes
Oh, I watched both crowds and Griz fans rocked!
Yet, knowing how home games run out so soon
If I switch tailgates next week, I will be shocked

I shall be telling this with a grin
At homecomings ages and ages hence
Two tailgates beckoned before a Griz win
And I chose the one with Drool (and Twins)
And that has made all the difference

(With apologies to Robert Frost)

Ode to Idaho State

There was a crooked team
Who played a crooked style.
They used crooked methods
And bit folks in the pile.
They brought back a suspended player
Who broke another's jaw,
But the coach apparently forgot
This is assault under the law
But when fighting for a football title
A coaches duty in Pocatello is quite clear
The win column is much more vital
Than ethics and morals I fear

So this week we play Weber State
A team that is quite hard to rate
They last won with Mike Price
in 1987 to be precise
So their record in Missoula is not great

So Ochs is finally in the mix
And Bobby won't need all those play-tricks
Now I'm not a math major
But I'm willing to wager
7 plus 2 equals six!

I'd like to chime in with my two cents
Please don't do the wave while we're on offense
Just sit on your rears
And save those loud cheers
For the Big Sky's best damn defense!