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Article in todays Missoulian


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I'm a little surprised that this article hasn't fueled some debate on this board. Much of what has been bantered about here recently is addressed. Interesting comments by WIU's linebacker.

Kinda funny really...rhythm must equal predictability. I thought it was funny that Dis had more passing attempts than Ochs. More attempts while playing a fourth of the minutes. Also that with a 12.5 yard per pass average and a 68% completion rate we couldn't find a few more opportunities. Balance in yards yes...balance in playcalling no. Not expecting a certain defensive front? Adjustments anyone.... I'll take adjustments for 500 Alex. I guess there is nothing new to say. We knew what was in the article before the article came out to some extent. And IMO the responses by Hauck were as predictable as the play calling...Kudos to him however for not blaming the loss on a lack of talent on our part. Hiding behind the other teams DC seems a bit weak. I saw NO adjustments in our playcalling from the first half to the second...except when Dis came in and they went back to the delayed trap a few times. We looked very consistant with the rest of the year. Again...Where was Willie???
I agree about him hiding behind the other teams defensive coordinator. There D did not appear to be any better than we expected it to be. When we did pass we were able to complete a high percentage. And I can't beleive that the only time we threw further than 20 yards was with Samson. I think it would have better to say that the offense didn't end up working like he said it would all year including this game.
More long passes would have probably helped. Even if they are not completed.

I was watching the Bobcat game and in the first half Iowa tried two or three long passes. Each time the quarterback had a guy open but overthrew him. I thought, what a waste of a down, this guy is just heaving it. Well, in the third quarter, game tied 14-14, and he heaves another one. Only this time it's complete for a 75 yard touchdown. Kramer said post game that they never recovered from that one play.
I like that our coach feels about the rats the same way I do. My feelings escalated after the shabby treatment the 5 Griz fans and I received in the "adult" section of scat stadium. I will never hope they achieve any success ever again. I'm now sorry I cheered for their team in 85.

I won't even attend The "Montana State" fair until they change the name.
When ever I see a post on how the cat fans have class (like I saw on another board) I will respond.

My Griz of wrath speech.
I’ll be around…whenever there’s a fight and people need to be educated on the classless fans I had to endure at the cat box in Bozeman…I’ll be around…whenever there is a cat fan spewing hateful slurs…I’ll be around to tell my stories…I won’t hold a grudge forever…just until I die…Until then I’ll be around reminding and posting.
Take a breath Bronco. You lost this year ... get over it. Bitter Bitter Bitter. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the roudy Bobcat stadium for Cat/Griz ..... you obviously have never been to a game there before. The fans party very hard there and support their team. Best tailgaiting party in the Big Sky BAR NONE! 2 years from now sell your ticket to a Bobcat fan and put 1 more fan in the stands. 12th man baby!

I know its different than sitting at Washington Bobcat Stadium and drinking wine .... MSU is OLD SCHOOL baby! :D

I assume your a Bronco fan too. Do us a favor ... take in a Raider game in Oakland and come back and tell us about your treatment there as well.

GO CATS! (2-0 .. the streak has started .. and the Griz fans are NERVOUS) :eek:
Nope on all counts. bronco as in busting horses.
I'll be at the cat box again. I would guess that I've been going down to that hole longer than you've been alive.
Just won't spend any cash in the Kitty City
The scat fans fascination with Sh*t is amazing to me. The "adults" even have songs about it.
When your home fans with common sense and kids start staying home maybe you'll figure it out.
When the enemy is making a mistake....get out of their way.
Best Tailgating in the big sky. You need to get out more.
Hey I agree with Bronco. I was at that game too. Their fans were horrible. The ones by me were flipping us off
and yelling, FTG, and their Eat $hit cheer was a real classy display. I don't mind good natured team spirit but there were kids
sitting there. It was in very poor taste. Most of those Cat fans by us were $hit faced. (Probably in anticipation of a loss). I guess it's hard to have class
when you've never been there before. If I had taken my kid to that game and that was his first experience with a college game I wouldn't blame him for never playing FB and I'm sure he would never select MSU as a school. That was just appalling. I always counted myself as a Cat fan except when they played us but not anymore. I hope we start another streak and run it into the high twenties and they decide to drop down and play in the frontier conference. Best tailgating in the Big Sky? You must drink 24-7 to be so screwed up to believe that line of BS. Walking around an old cow pasture with a plastic cup in your hand is hardly the pinicle of partying. But I suppose if you think the Cats are class operation then your tailgating must seem like a private party at the playboy mansion.
You must have spilled your whine (pun intended) glass on one of the snow drifts in the tailgate area eh MichGriz? I don't know about you, but 10,000 fans in tailgate area that didn't even HAVE tickets to the game constitutes a very very NICE party. Next time you guys should stay in your nice cozy living rooms and sip your 'whine' if you can't handle it. I've never heard so much whining in my life. Oh, and by the way .. why were you guys so into the MSU crowd and not your own team? Were you losing? I saw your whole section sitting down almost the entire game (except when you scored a TD). No wonder you guys have your nice cushy stadium because all you guys do is sit down.



Real fans show up at the stadium every week not just for Rat/Griz and Homecoming. You keep saying 10k. Did you count them?
Wild Rat I don't go to football games to drink I go to watch the games. As pathetic as the Bob's have been over the past decade I can see why their fans feel a need to drink in order to be able to stomach them. I've played in the Cat Griz game 3 times and have always respected their players. The team has show great signs of improvement it's too bad your fans are still losers.
Mich Griz said:
Walking around an old cow pasture with a plastic cup in your hand is hardly the pinicle of partying. But I suppose if you think the Cats are class operation then your tailgating must seem like a private party at the playboy mansion.

very, very funny MichGriz!

I was at the Griz-Cat game this year, and tailgating, football atmosphere and overall festivities and caliber of the show is so much better at Washington-Grizzly stadium than the kitty box it is like night and day. My wife who could care less about football loves to go to Griz games.
MICH GRIZ ... YOU LOST .. Have a merry xmas and a very long new year until next year ... when it goes to 3-0. You may have won this year if you had a coach who could adjust to games after halftime and actually have some balls to WIN the game instead of SETTLING for FG's. But, thats why they play the games I guess.

Wildrat till you win more than once in all our visits to a stadium don't start calling it a second home, and since you finally won one at your own stadium(cow pasture) you can almost count it as a home game in two years. So since both are seasons are over and you really don't contribute much to this board I figure you should turn in for the winter and pray your little heart out the kitties can have a solid season next year.
I have 365 days of bragging rights just like you arrogant Griz fans have had the past 16 years. Makes you kind of cranky doesn't it? Its a little different when the shoe is on the other foot .... I can relate. But just like a lot of Griz posters put on here before the game ... that game is for bragging rights for the whole year. If you can't take it, just pass by every WILDCAT post on here you see :) Pretty easy eh?

I suppose you don't mind all the smack talk posts you see in this sight from Griz fans eh?

Only 2 more wheels left on the Griz bandwagon. Reading this board (negativity on Griz football/coach) I can see the wagon already flying apart at the seams. Its funny how Griz fans can sure GIVE IT out, but you can't take it.

Excuses for Griz loss next year:

1) Bobby Hauck is a terrible coach .. we got out coached AGAIN!
2) We only had 23,000 and not 24,000 in our grand stadium
3) No one watered the artificial turf so it was too dry and we couldn't get our footing.
4) No Dave Dickenson? I thought he was gonna be a Senior this year?
5) We won the stats war AGAIN! But dang, those 6 picks hurt us.
6) The smog in Missoula was too thick and the Bobcats had thermal imaging visors on their helmets ... thats not fair!
7) We choked under the pressure of having to win or go down 3-0 in the series with the Bobcats!
8) Jeff Ache's went down again with a hangnail and Disney couldn't throw the ball.
I haven't fallen off and never will Wildcat, sorry to disappoint you. Keep bragging as it is your right and most on this end would if we had won. Just try and not pat yourself on the back too much. It is getting just a bit tiresome. I like your posts though, they are entertaining and there are some on this board that deserve every word.
Only 2 more wheels left on the Griz bandwagon. Reading this board (negativity on Griz football/coach) I can see the wagon already flying apart at the seams. Its funny how Griz fans can sure GIVE IT out, but you can't take it.

I'm not quite sure here, but wagons dont fly apart at the seems, they FALL apart at the seems. MSU has an engenering program, maybe you could explain to me how something like part of a wagon could fly off when it was previouisly attached. I don't think it could go anywhere other than straight to the ground it fell to. And besides, I haven't hear anyone on this board say that they were not going to games anymore, so exactly how do you see the band wagon falling apart. And while we are at, you suffer from one o the worst cases of Griz Envy I'm sure any of us have ever seen. If we suck so badly and the Cats are so much superior, why is it that the Cats fans like yourself are so damn concerned with what is going on in Grizzlyville? Maybe it is because you are constantly trying to keep up with us and our Nationaly Respected program. Now do yourself and all of us here a favor and get a new hobby. You spew the same shit over and over again and no one cares anymore. I'm suggesting that we have an EGriz board boycott of WildCat, no one respond to any of his unfounded posts anymore. If he goes over to smack talk that is fine, but otherwsie, ignore him. Lets show him how The Griz fans are still united regardless of our disagreements on this season.
I, for one, enjoy reading most of WILDCAT's posts. He seems to have knowledge of football at our level, stands by his Bobcats, and has some thick skin.

I'm glad he likes MSU chances for next year, but I think, over the last 18 games, MSU owes the Griz some BIG TIME rent money...for livin' in the shadow of the Griz for so very long.

Enjoy your 2 year win streak over the Griz, and no, I don't think good, (in this case bad), things happen in 3's.

As a side note, Merry Grizmas to you and yours Mr. WILDCAT.

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