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Areas of concern


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It seems as if I am reaching for topics to talk about...

1. Cornerback/DB: Obviously with the departure of Peeples, Young, Rosenberg and little experience coming back, to help Smith and Decoite we could be picked on. However, I think this group of incoming DB's is extremely athletic to say the least.
Who could expose this problem: 1. Sacramento State 2. Weber State (from what I know now) 3. Idaho State 4. Idaho (but don't bet on it.) 5. Eastern Washington-Rosenbach picked on our DB's quite heavily last year.

2. OL depth: Lets just hope that no one gets hurt because I honestly don't think at this point there is much in the area of experience to throw in there if we have the type of injuries that we had last year on the line.

3. RB: While most of you may dissagree with me, I think it is imperative that we have a sustainable running game to eat up the clock. I don't think we are going to see the AirRead days, but we will throw the ball a lot. Waller needs to step up with either of the Green's. Our DB's can and will be picked on if we can't keep our defense off the field. IE. IU -UM game in 1995 (yikes)... We do have the ability to throw the football which will take some pressure off our RB's.

4. QB: I hope the issue is settled before the first game. I am not sure that it will be but I think that most teams would love to see that scenario coming in to the season. I don't care personaly who it is, but I think that one needs to be determined ASAP that way the offense can go forward.
Teams like Idaho State, Idaho, and even Maine would probably like to see a two headed monster at QB because I think it might limit what we can do effectively. Though either QB is probably a whole heck of a lot better than 90% of the QB's in the conference and the nation.
1. CB and DB may have some concerns with experience, but I think the talent is there. Positions should improve as season progresses to where there shouldn't be any concerns about it. But, I am hoping for a 1A transfer to come here. Either a CB, DB, or both.

2. Maybe the weight training regimen going now will reduce the occurrences of injuries. Injuries will always be a concern.

3. Justin Green may be the RB starting next year.

4. Also would like to know who is starting at QB now.

Maine has a 3 way fight for QB and has just as difficult decision as Hauck has on who the QB is. So first game could be interesting on which team has made the right decision on starting QB and how comfortable each QB is with the offense of the team they play on. Montana is starting with a whole new offensive scheme so the starting Griz QB maybe at a disadvantage than the Maine QB.

But, I think the QB position will be a strength, now that we have two QB's that can throw the ball well. Griz actually have three, but Justin Hartman, who I think will be better than Oches and Disney when he is done playing, will probably red shirt this season.
1. The cb position historicly the weakest part of the Grizzlies. The key will be to get lots of pressure on the qb. much like in the NAU game in 2002. at safety i think we're "ok", we'll see if that improves greatly or if they remain "ok".

2. the coaches said they were impressed with the backup OLinemen.
the ones i watched in scrimage did well and in fact, better running lanes were created when they were in-i dont think its necessarily because they are better run blockers, but it was vs the 1st team D.

3. If the Oline open good holes we'll be fine, especially if Justin Green is as good as the coaches say. But, yes the Griz will need to be able to run the ball effectively(especially in the redzone) if they expect to win. controlling the clock on O keeps the d off the field and better rested.

4. I think Hauck will decide on one guy before the first game and will stay with him for at leat 2 games unless the first game is horrible. As for the new offense goes i think that early in the season the coaches will call a game plan that the qb can handle.
Also the wrs will need to learn a lot too as the coaches said they will have 3 route options(depending on coverage) on every play-which i'm hoping is an oversimplicifcation or over exageration as i believe in this to some extent i also believe in keeping things simple enough for the kids to understand. what this means is that the qb(s) and the wrs have to be seeing the same thing when they line up. If not we'll see a lot of INTs.

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