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Appy State under the lights


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per Kent Haslem's twitter account: Kent Haslam @kenthaslam Start time set for Griz - App State football game on 8/31. Kickoff at 7 pm on Saturday night. #GoGriz #underthelights

Glad UM was able to get this done.
Fantastic news. I was really hoping for that. Just one more reason not to miss the 2013 opener...as if we needed another. The return of JJ was enough for me to circle this game as the one to see. Throw in Appy under the lights and its a no-brainer. I love summer but Aug. 31st can't come soon enough. Go GRIZ!
Under the lights is cool... But the Waiting... Waiting and Drinking and thinking... I'll try to work on cars all day so the time goes by faster :thumb:
Sunset in missoula 8:17 .....so late pm light at start, twilight by half......

Gonna be great atmosphere for big time game......
Gonna be epic!!!! We will be set up cooking and drinking by noon!! What can be better than a 6 hr tailgate party??
This game is going to be a Griz "epic" game. Not to mention we owe App State a big payback score wise, we also owe them a Huge Payback Tailgate wise. Besides going to Washington Grizzly Stadium, I would go to an App State Game anytime. They threw a heck of a party for Griz fans.... We will repay on both accounts.


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