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App State Pre-Game


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I know when we played UNI the pre-game "Montana-Grizzlies" chant was awesome. I say we do this for app state instead of are usual minor booing. Lets make it happen!
Honestly, this should be done every game for pregame. But yes, it definitely needs to happen at App State.

Chris, do you still have your sign? :wink:
Yelling before the game is just a waste of voice that could be used during the game! I know I am in the minority, but I am not into that whole yelling "Montana....Grizzlies" thing, although it does sound pretty sweet when you can hear it on TV. Better idea for the pre-game is bring Monte back out to "American Badass", he doesnt even need to be on the Harley if he can't ride it, but they have got to bring that back, that would get the crowd going big time. No other college in FCS can even hold a candle to the old Monte pregame entrance!
I think the metrosexuals will be too engrossed with the uniform changes to participate...
I say, start practicing in the mirror, so you don't go hoarse by halftime. I MEAN NOBODY PUSHES US AROUND IN OUR' HOUSE!
UMan said:
Well I just figured it would be better than the pre-game we had last year.

I'm fine with it. I'll be there and yelling and could care less what the Griz wear. But take a look at the length of the uniform threads. To them "It is better to look good than to be good".
grizcountry420 said:
UMan said:
Well I just figured it would be better than the pre-game we had last year.

Nice avitar. Im a beer snob but ill drink Rainer Beer any day of the week..

Glad to see someone else who appreciates the golden nectar :thumb:
mtgrizrule said:
I do hope GRIZNATION takes the time to give the boys warm welcome and go the extra mile for JJ.
I think the whole energy of the game is based around the crowd. Wa-Griz needs to be rockin right from the start. This is a special game and probably the last time we will face App St. So I say we go for it!