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anyone need a good laugh?

Who the hell is Pete and why does he get a poll? What about Bob's poll, Fred's poll and Mutt and Jeff too? Is this the same guy that makes Pete's Wicked Ale? I didn't think so. I use a line from Denis Leary in one of his stand up routines "Who the f*** is Pete?"

I don't want to go off on a rant here but let me see if I get this right, on Pete's poll if you stay idle you don't move any spots but if you win but its not a blowout then you go down spots? Yea, good poll, this guy ought to be promoted up to 1-A so he can run the BCS, sounds like its about as good a system.

Sorry its been a hell of a day, I had to vent. Now maybe I can get back to work.
I am going to be a REALIST here and it probably wont go over real well
with the fans in Missoula but...................
That is probably a fair rating for this team. Remember this is not the Yohance Humphrey team from last year!!

I am a real grizfan, griz alum and have been a fan for 20 years now and I have to tell you that the griz are overrated at #1. I do not think that the griz will get by Eastern Washington and will also have troubles with Northern Arizona in the Big Sky. QB John Edwards is not as sharp as he needs to be and the rotation system at running back is inefficient. The O-line is struggling immensely and if it weren't for the best Defense in I-AA the Griz would probably be 2-2 right now including a loss to a Div II school. I thought that both Northern Colorado and Idaho State outplayed the Griz and were much more physical. The Griz need to wake up and quit riding on the coattails of last years I-AA National Championship or they are in for a real suprise!!

Pete's system doesn't make any sense to me either, but until the Griz O decides to play some real football, the Griz will continue to be disrespected.
Pretty strange huh? check out these quotes taken from his site. You tell me if this doesn't contradict itself.

His comments why we are #6:
"-In at #6, is Montana. Sorry Griz faithful, but you played a DII club & then a Sub-DII (non-scholarship) club. Now you play a fair Idaho St. & get held to a field-goal in over 3-quarters of play."

His explination of how he ranks them:
"-We reduce points when teams win vs. non-scholarship, non-ranked or DII opponents. Also, if they lose, we deduct more. Schedule is important. Likewise, we do the opposite when playing IA opponents of quality. A loss against a good IA club is nothing to be ashamed of. However, we also realize that top-DII clubs can easily compete at the I-AA level, so we do not reduce points against DII play-off clubs."

huh???? Northern Colorado isn't a "play-off club"?? Albany is not picked to win their confrence??? So I suppose a loss to the Vandals would put us on top of the poll. puh-leese :roll:

We said it before and it still holds true. Polls don't mean squat. Truth is if he had us up top we would love crazy ole Pete. At least this gives us something to do on a week off. 8)
Okay so we all know now that Pete needs to pull his thumbs out and get a clue. Here is but another reason why--his 2001 final poll had #1-Georgia Southern, #2 Eastern Illinois and #3 Montana.

I also noticed that 'Pete' refers to himself in the plural sense. Does he have a little friend in his pocket?

To each their own-----
wastategrizfan - I understand your point, in fact I even agree that the Griz don't look as sharp as they did last year on offense but the fact of the matter is they do enough to win, I think maybe they are a type of team that is good enough to play just a bit better than the opponent. If thats true it will sure make for a nerve-wracking season with so many close games. I don't agree that Eastern WA and NAU will pose problems for the Griz, I see the problems as Idaho and PSU. But thats just my humble opinion.

GrizAddicted - I wondered when you were going to use the "pull your thumbs out" line, I laughed so hard when I read it!

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