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Anyone looking into 4k at this time?


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Got my sights set on a Sony XBR 65" in the new ultra HD format called "4K". Anyone else have any thoughts or suggestions, other than the obvious of letting time pass for the price to come down. Is there a big difference between 4K and a top of the line plasma set for about half the money?
I am looking into it. Sony claims there is a big difference. I would have to see it somewhere first before I could justify paying that price.
Prices will drop but content is an issue. If you buy the Sony they give you ten titles in 4k but then what? Dish and direct have to compress their signal to even provide 1080i and until everybody has very high speed broadband, streaming isn't an option.

There are some tech gurus that say unless you have "x" sized screen at "x" distance you won't see a benefit over a good 1080p HDTV. Just can't remember what size and distance they mentioned....

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And they are already working on 8k.............other than that.....what grzfnz said is spot on.

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