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Any chance we can beat Gonzaga this year? PLEASE

Living in Spokane I am certainly in the minority, but god I hate that school. I used to go to "Kennedy Pavillion" i.e. the Kennel in the late 60's and early 70's with my dad. He was friends with Cope, Rochaleu,(sp), Brandenburg, Heathcote, etc. I used to be the Griz ballboy when they came to Spokane every year. I think back then Gonzaga was in the conference.
We would absolutely get jobbed by the refs EVERY year. It bordered on the ridiculous. I remember the fans throwing stuff at the players (they shot stick pins one year) and the calls were so one sided it was like playing five on seven. Anyone here old enough to remember those days?

All that was brought back tonite while I was watching some interesting calls as GU beat Denver. Man it would be sweet to knock them off.
The GRIZ knocked off Stanford last year at Stanford. This year's team should be improved expecially in terms of inside scoring and depth. So it certainly is possible. I can't say it is likely though. I am hoping it will be on TV.
Regarding the Zags game being televised on 01/04/03, Omega said they have it on their TENTATIVE schedule for a 5:00pm (Pacific Time Zone) tipoff. Sure hope so!

I watched the Zags play St. Joe & thought they have alote of work to do to improve from the loss.

I am sure the Zags will be well prepared for the Griz or anyone else come 01/04, cuz they start conference play right after the Griz game. However, they play Eastern Washington on 12/31. I'm sure coach K will be checking in on that game. Last year the Zags beat the Griz 75-67 & I felt they were relieved to have gotten the win. So in summary, they won't be taking the Griz lightly.
I really think the Griz have the talent and depth to pull off the upset. It will take a really
great game plan, minimum of errors, and the team coming together as a team.
Realistically, though, the Griz still look like they are still getting to know one another and
gelling as a team. In my humble opinion , remember as a Bobcat, the things to look for
this year is turn overs, when they are under control the point guard position. Cummings
pulling double doubles, Points, rebounds, assists, or steals. Cummings makes players
better and is the ultimate team player. Seyfert has a coming out game. I have said it
before, and got in trouble from Griz fans, Seyfert has been a great practice player, but
has of yet in college or highschool to be a dominate player. He has a loads of talent and
could be a all league player, but he needs to learn how to dominate his position, and I
have yet to see him do this on any constant basis. Do not get me wrong, there are no
other big men in the Big sky with more talent than Seyfert. With Davis and Seyfert down
low and Horne, Cummings, Criswell, and Booker on the perimeter boy that could be a
great core to build a team around.

Now aren't you sorry you asked!!
Its always hard to win in the Kennell because its so small and so loud but I think we should have a chance this year. We did lead Gonzaga last year for most of the game before falling apart but we're much more balanced this year. Last year we lacked depth and experience at a lot of positions and Bell had to carry the team a lot (with help from Criswell). This year we have a lot of talent at all positions and I think we might be able to hold our own, especially with both Seyfert and McKay in the middle to take on Turiaf and Gonzaga's big guys. Also having Cummings back really helps a lot because he's such a smart player and has played against a lot of top quality opponents.

P.S. Dornblazer...you must have been there during the Hank Anderson era. He was there nearly 20 years and really brought Gonzaga to where it is today. Unfortunately I can't agree with you on hating Gonzaga...too many family ties.
We played well last night against St. Mary's who was picked 2nd in the WAC so I think its possible for us to beat Gonzaga. Especially since we were down a player last night (McKay will be back by the Zaga game) and Steve Horne hasn't been feeling very well and therefore isn't playing very well.

We're actually playing Gonzaga at probably the best time to play in the Kennel. Spring Semester doesn't start there until like the 12th so most of the students won't be back in town yet which means it won't be quite as loud as normal.

I think our team has the talent to beat Gonzaga, they just need to get everything meshed together. The hardest thing for the Griz right now is that most of the guy haven't played together before and it takes a while to get everyone in synch.
Steve Horne had an excellent game against St. Mary's! I assume he is starting to feel better.
The Kennel will be just as loud even with most of the students away on break. On a good night I think the Griz can pull out a win but my early pick is for the Zags to win.
The Griz then return to Cheney on January 9 to play EDUB. I hope the Griz kick their butts. I hoping to hear the cheer "Just like football."
WSU plays UCLA that same night in the Spokane Arena so don't expect a big turnout at Reese Court.
I ran into Steve this morning and he said he's feeling better...he was still a bit under the weather last night against St. Mary's. He had a pretty bad case of the flu and could barely get out of bed early last week
The Griz beat the Zags in the Kennel? I want what your sniffing! Gonzaga will make Auburn look like the College of Great Falls.
Agree with the last three. I'd like UM to be respectable, but after seeing how the Zags (who weren't playing particularly well) still got the W over the #4 team in the country last weekend (and Missouri was clicking), I'd have to say "snowcone's chance in aytch ee double hockey sticks".
I haven't seen the Griz play yet, but Gonzaga's real serious, even when they're off.
Anything is possible. We beat Stanford on their home court last year when they were ranked. Gonzaga is beatable at The Kennel but it doesn't happen very often (3 home losses in 5 seasons). The guys are gonna be really motivated against Zaga, one because they're a big name team and also because of last year. We had a good lead last year and then blew it. I think the guys are gonna want to make up for that.
The Griz will not beat the Zags. A Zag win is a stone-cold lock. The Zags beat WSU by 38 last night in the Kennel. WSU is a bad team. The margin of victory will be less than 38.
I expect the EDUB Eagles to give the Zags a good game this Wednesday in the Spokane Arena.
I'm starting to fear that the current version of the Griz basketball team might not beat anyone... :-?
Unlike our 2003 football team our 2003 basketball team is only mediocre.

We have a team turnover problem, a lack of depth and no consistent point and shooting guard.

From what I read out in the various papers I don't believe the Griz has a chance to win against Gonzaga.
Just the other day the 'Zags beat Washington St. by about 20 (I think). Bad news for us talking about a big upset. But...who knows?