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Another Liberal Atheist..............


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Yo gots to git dat Obama git outta jail free card..................

I hope somebody clubs this liberal POS with a pipe before they call the cops
ButteMTGRIZ said:
You don't see atheists killing abortion providing doctors and shooting up temples in Wisconsin

Yeah they are busy killing babies they irresponsibly had in the first place.
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So stupid.

Can barely respond...................we dont forget them we teach them to be self sufficient and gain employment.

I wish we would forget the ones that CHOOSE not to work and suck the government tit.......starvation is a brutal motivator.
Your definitely "helping" the poor kids by privatizing education they can't afford. I'm not sure where this logic comes from but obviously logic falls shorts for plenty of these Small minded Christians.
If you dont like being poor then stop and get a fu*king job like everyone else.

This helping the poor BS is played out, we have the fattest, richest poor in the world. Our poor is upper middle class bordering on rich in most other countries.

There are probably more flat screen TVs in one ghetto project in Chicago than the whole country of Somalia. Cry me a river.