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Annette Rocheleau


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Just saw Robin's long time assistant, Annette Rocheleau, is leaving.

http://missoulian.com/sports/college/montana/womens-basketball/longtime-lady-griz-assistant-coach-to-step-down/article_166cd0ea-d4a9-11e2-8576-001a4bcf887a.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
It is honestly amazing how he has gotten his assistants to stay that long. The job can't pay that well and they are talented enough to move on to better jobs. Robin must know what he is doing.
By definition change eventually happens--GrizNation pretty much expected the LG staff to be there forever--REAL close to it!

AR clearly has been a stellar, exceptional, outstanding assistant and no doubt a mentor to dozens of young Lady Griz players. MANY thanks to Annette for her contributions to LG hoops, the University as a whole, and the State of Montana during a terrific stint.

Best of fortunes to a classy Lady! :clap: :thumb:
Her retirement is going to create a major coaching gap on the bench. She is only assistant who sits next to Selvig during games, even if she is sometimes one empty seat away. After Selvig has an outburst (usually over a Lady Griz mistake or bad play), he turns to her to say something or ask her a question. It happens multiple times per game. I have often wondered what is being said. Which one of the other assistants will move to the seat next to Selvig?
Wow, what a run at UM for Coach Rocheleau. I remember watching her play for the Lady Griz in 79 and 80 and thought she was a highly competitive and scrappy point guard. Although I'm just a fan and not close to the Lady Griz program, it seemed like she was the perfect compliment to Selvig. Thanks Annette for all of your years of giving to the University, the program and the student athletes. You will be missed.
OldtiredGRiz said:
I remember watching her play for the Lady Griz in 79 and 80 and thought she was a highly competitive and scrappy point guard.

I suppose, if but a year from now, that the LG would wish to keep it in-house for the vacant assisstant coaching position, to be filled in by a former player, if so. The one that I know of that has been in head coaching, albeit at the high school level, would be one Marti Liebenguth, at Sentinel High School there in Missoula even up to the present, if not mistaken. She could throw her hat into the ring if there's a national search, perhaps.

There on the coaching staff that was but one game away from a Final Eight of the NCAA Tournament, and, if not for injuries to some key players at the time, a distinct possibility of advancing to a Championship Game of a Regional Final in another year. Mostly good times.
I wish Annette the best. The former players I would love to see as an assistant is Brooklyn Lorenzen, or Mandy Morales.
Annette had a long a prosperous run. Things are left in good hands, though. Shannon is clearly up to taking over the program whenever Robin decides to hang it up.
Not sure if it is related or not, but Marti Leibenguth just "retired" from coaching at Big Sky.
AllWeatherFan said:
Are her initials M.M.?

[Nineteen more questions to go...]

Is it Marty Moose??

Grizbacker1 said:
Look for a recent grad to be on the bench, it won't be Marty L.

why don't you just say what you mean, instead of posting like The Riddler?