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Always About the Money (Sadly)

IdaGriz01 said:
This doesn't really fit any of the recent existing threads, so I went new. "Cinderella" Florida Gulf Coast is feeling the pinch, but figure it will be worth it, in the long run.
Seems a shame the NCAA can't cough up enough dough so teams don't have to worry about paying even their basic bills.

WTF, this is crazy. These schools make the NCAA how much $$$$$$$ and they do not flip the bill for the travel of the teams? That is just plain wrong. A sign of the times, further showing the move to NCAA athletics being all about the major conferences and schools.

I honestly feel, it is getting to the point where politicians do need to make collegiate athletics much more equitable for all NCAA members. I am not for politics being involved in professional athletics, but do feel for the better interest of collegiate sports, it would be best, and much needed.