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Altitude has Griz vs USD replay on now 2 pm Sun


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For anyone who like me had to dial in crappy am radio from huntin camp - now we can watch it on altitude.
Thanks for the heads up. I have the game on now.

Btw, I believe they're playing USD. :lol:

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griznation23 said:
:? :oops: why did the play clock not stop in 4th when USD steps out of bounds but play clock didn't stop?

Isn't that a newer NCAA rule that the play clock continues to run until a certain point before the end of the half?
On that play the official used a rule that was iffy in that situation. The rule states that if a player after gaining possession on a pass travels backwards then comes out of bounds. The receiver will be ruled in bounds. It is usually never called in a 2 min situation, But it was.

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