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Agree or Disagree with "azgriz"

Do you or Do you not agree with azgriz's assessment of the Griz this year.

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Hey Eddie, you could have left out the two categories about me being an idiot, or a genius. What does either have to do with the question? My wife knows i'm a genius already, and, you're certainly not gonna ask ME, are ya?
azgriz said:
Hey Eddie, you could have left out the two categories about me being an idiot, or a genius. What does either have to do with the question? My wife knows i'm a genius already, and, you're certainly not gonna ask ME, are ya?

My way of allowing folks to be a little animated and creative with their votes.... and no, I am not going to ask you... :wink:
Although I think AZ may go a bit too far sometimes in his prose, I will say this. I have posted info and my opinions for overy 5 years on various Griz boards and AZ has never once called me out. I also have found that although AZ may be a bit negative he has a lot of insight and tells the truth, without a lot of candy coating. I for one am happy to see AZ posting here now as I think e-griz has surpassed that other board. Sometimes I even think it go's too far the other way as posters are constantly calling out AZ go out of there way to find fault in everything he says. AZ does a very good job of judgeing the talent and level of coaching, without being just a fan, he sees things as they are most of the time. It IMHO is good for us not to just think all is always great in Griz land all the time, I know it is tough for me to admit fault in our griz, as I love the team so much.
I wish I could even remotely agree with you H-Town. I see no truth or relevance in anything he has to say.

"Complete and Total Idiot" doesn't even begin to describe his opinions of a fine Grizzly Football Program.
It takes no genius to recognize the things that Az coments on. It is only football. Like anyone else, he's right on some things and not right on others. all we're voicing is opinions. And being's its a free country Az can have whatever opinion he wants, but noone or everyone can agree with it.

If people really don't want someone to post it's pretty easy to get them to leave...ignore them by NEVER replying to their posts and they get bored eventually and leave.
I am sure he is a total idiot..

before you throw some smart a$$ comment or is it just plain Dumba$$ comment ?

get a clue or just go away before you start typing.

see you back on the bandwagon in a month, maybe a few of your other buddies on here will make room for you.

Go Griz!

by the way- looks like it is a runaway....your a total idiot in the eyes of the forum. way to go!
Most of the time I don't agree with AZ - on this board or on the other board (85griz91). Most of the time I think he is way to negative (and complains just to be complaining, or to try to stir up a little controversy). Most of the time that is.

However, when he isn't slamming coaches/other posters, he does have some good information, and is usually somewhat entertaining. Occasionally, when he is slamming coaches/other posters, he is actually right.

Either way, he has a right to post, and everyone else has a right to respond.
Grizpack said:

Either way, he has a right to post, and everyone else has a right to respond.

sure he has a right to post- at least until he is booted off of here by the moderators - but really- come ooooonnnnnnnnn!

WTF is the deal?

These are college kids, who are busting their butts here....and we are 5-2 with a missed field goal and a double overtime loss. Look at his post ( I did) and it is one negative thing after another.

a waste of the boards bandwidth in my opinion - I for one would like to not read his post or respond to them....but it's clowns like him that piss me off.

Maybe he and I can meet in Missoula some day, and we can discuss it further...and all live happily ever after. :drinking:


Go Griz!
Simply put, AZGriz is an azzzz. I wish he would keep to the UGMB as he has chased many from that board and I don't want him to cause havic on eGriz. Like I have said, I frequently think he is NOT a Griz fan but is causing "trouble" by posing as one and spewing such venom. He offers no insight, but questions the motives/abilities of the coaches, players and fans. He's got a real ax to grind and this anonymity allows him to do so. Unless he can be "banned" from this board, my suggestion (and intent) is to ignor him.
Throw him off because he has a different opinion, because he doesn't sugar coat everything? give me a break.
What's going on here???? Your discussing throwning someone off the board because he posts in a manner not to your liking? I don't get it? I for one stopped reading his posts awhile back and guess what? I enjoy this board as much as ever, even knowing he's here too. As far as the players go come on, give them more credit!!!!!!!!!
In my view, AZGriz will raise havoc with this board, unless his posts are monitored and controlled. His extreme negativism and harsh posting have caused many posters to leave the ugmb, some of whom have moved to this board and some of whom appear to have stopped posting anywhere. This has lead to the decline in information, discussion and analysis on the ugmb. While not unknowledgeable about football, and considered to be entertaining to some at times, he can be very disruptive, negative, and harsh on players. He continually slams posters, especially those who disagree with him. He frequently uses foul language and has caused many posts and threads to be deleted on the ugmb. His posts lead to a significant amount of bickering. In discussing players, he repeatedly says they have "pathetic" arms, are "punks", "are cancers that must be removed from the team", "never met a ball they could catch", and "didn't deserve to be all-conference or all-american". In most of these situations, he has not stopped at one post, but has said the same things over and over. I know some parents and players have not liked his extreme posts. In recent times, his pet topic is that all of the team's problems can be directly traced to poor coaching (and why was Hauck even hired in the first place), although he hasn't gotten much support for his view. If you want a kinder and gentler board, and want to avoid disruption, you ought to watch out for his posting. If you don't care about these things, then let him have at it. From where I sit, I'd rather have a board where there is more exchange of information, discussion, and support for Griz athletics. I also would prefer to avoid what happened with the ugmb. That is not say that negatives things and views cannot or should not be raised and discussed, but, in my view, negatives things can be discussed more civilly and without being harsh or calling people names. Left unchecked, AZGriz is not capable of discussing negatives in a civil manner. I offer these thoughts as an observer to this board and a refugee from the ugmb.
give me a break you're all a bunch of freakin panzies. If you can't take criticism & you all want to sit around & tell each other how great the Grizzlies are why don't you put on your pink panties & have a slumber party.
My feeling is these guys are bashers under the disguise of Griz fans. They are actually fans of another Big Sky school. And find it convienent and safer to post their vile as a disgruntled Griz fans. They bash the coaches, they bash the team, they bash the fans.

They are Bobcats, Lumberjacks, Hornets, and Eagles in disguise. The reason I am convinced is they act exactly like hired bashers on stock boards. They are there to cause discourse, in fighting, and loss of confidence. They are never happy, they are always negative. And most of all they never bring solid facts to the table, only half baked speculation.

Bear Axed, argh!, AzGriz, and Greenacres Griz. Yeah I'm talking about you guys.

They are not Griz fans, boot their a$$es.
AZ is way too negative. Our coaches and players are human and make mistakes, and there is a way to point out errors or offer advice in a manner that facilitates learning from mistakes, and doesn't belittle people and disrupt team harmony.

AZ hasn't a clue on how to offer constructive advice or to criticize in a manner that may help the team. AZ has a big ego that he feels he has to massage, unfortunately all too often to the detriment of the team.
like i alluded to in another post, the "anti-az" posters seem to have as a... uh, "posterchild" great greaser griz (ggg, blah blah blah), who is such an intelligent and manly fan that he/she/it has directly under her/his/it's moniker a cartoon of a character urinating on the mascot of another team. az griz has never stooped to such lows. many of you seem to idoloize them. and you try to instruct others on "getting a clue"?

i'm sure i'll be banned from here soon, what with all this picking on the nits.
az is dysfunctional, dyspeptic, dymonic and possibly dyslexic, making him the undysputed dys-meister of dys or any board. (but also dyserving of my vote for "total genius.")
arghie, I laughed my arse off at your post! The urinating thang was one of your masterpieces. And, Greenie, it's refreshing to see that you've surfaced again on this board. Your posts are still as lame as ever. I'd know your style of writing anywhere (too bad you can't be "26", instead of "5")

I've enjoyed reading all of the posts. And, I appreciate the support from the fans who believe that freedom of expression is still alive in this country.

The result of this poll doesn't surprise me one bit, because it is obvious that this board is littered with bear scat, although that scat is sugar-coated (still tastes like sh*t, though)! It's humerous to me to read that i'm actually a dreaded enemy fan, perhaps even a CAT FAN IN DRAG! LOL. I'll tell you what......for all of you sugar-coaters who think i'm not a real Griz fan, i'll match my financial contributions to the UM general fund with any two of you jokers' contributions to the athletic fund. I choose to support the University of Montana in ways the go beyond athletics.

I'm controversial by choice. I enjoy bantering with INTELLIGENT posters. Argh and I have gone head-to-head many times! We have disagreed many times! But, he is intelligent enough to not take things personally, and to give it right back to me.......thus, he earns my respect.

The reason you guys want to kick off guys like argh and me, is NOT because we're negative, but because we can crucify your lame-arsed, sugar-coated hyperbole's about how wonderful everything always is in Grizland any time we wish! You want to get on this board, and tell each other what a loyal fan each of you are......patronization to the end! But, where's the beef? It's all sugar, my friends.

What's more pathetic, is that you lable anyone who dares to criticize the coaches as being NOT LOYAL. Give me a break! Just like the genius (I forgot which sugar-coater it is, cause they all sound the same) who ends each post be giving all people who boo the "finger". Real classy....about as much so as urinating on Weber State! You guys are a bunch of hypocrits! And, you'll ALL be jumping on the proverbial lynching mob after the season when the Griz go about 7-5 and you want the coaches head on a platter! Lumberhead, you're the worst of all! I'll bet you're a real piece of eye candy, huh? Probably a really great athlete in your day, I bet! LOL :lol:

So, if the webmon decides that this board is only for sugar-coaters, and removes the "cancer", then, so be it. I ain't gonna lose any sleep over it. But, it WILL confirm my feelings about the group who seems to dominate this board!
AZ...Personally I hope they don't kick you off. I'm still sort of confused why some of these people feel threatened by you. I may not agree with everything you say but I'm not so thin skinned as to not want to hear your comments. I've had concerns since the first game about play calling, coaching staff,ect. I know some former Griz players that feel alot stronger about these things than you or I. While I try and stay positive I haven't left the stadium/TV this year without questions and concerns or even confidence. The Griz I feel are lucky to be 5-2...that being said I'm glad they are and not worse. While there are areas of improvement each week, new concerns surface. ISU was the first serious passing threat all year and they won't be the last. DB's need some work/help. Does our secondary coach just 2-3 years out of college himself have what it takes to fix the problem? These kids can't do it on their own. Play calling...Even the mighty BH was questioning/second guessing sunday night on the coaches show. Usually people who are not passoinate about a subject won't criticize. You can either choose to be the sheep or the wolf. Opinions vary. If you don't have the mental capacity to respond to his posts without calling him names ect. maybe you shouldn't respond.
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