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After reading the Missoulian....


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I was reminded of the 2000 season. The season ended on two straight loses, and Mick jumped ship. I hope that is not the case this year. I hope the coaches are in it to win it. Not to get it over with so they can move.

That 2000 season was hard too. We got beat by YSU who went to the NC that year. If we would have made our fieldgoal we would have made it to nooga, which would have given us a look at GSU offense, and would have given us an advantage in the rematch the next year.

Of course we would have missed out on the "Run"......as a fan of football, I'm glad that I watch that play.
I haven't read the newspaper yet this morning but didn't Joe take us to the NC in 2000? Did you mean 1999? In 1999 we lost to YSU in the first round, who did we lose to in the last game of the season? Did we not play the Cats in the last game of the season? I am not trying to be a smart ass, I just don't remember the two losses in a row. Maybe I was drunk.
Yeah....sorry it was 1999. Thanks for the proof reading work cad. I hope you won't bill me for that! :lol:

The last game of the year in 1999 was Idaho. They beat us on a last second field goal. I also think that they won their confrence that year....or maybe Boise ST. did, and UI was second. At any rate, we missed a lot of feild goals that year.......our three losses were by less than a fieldgoal each.
When you mention Marshall's 1996 so called victory in the NC you should spit--based on the way they cheated and had extra players on the payroll of their biggest "finacial supporter." Read some of Otto Fad's old reports on the sports network to find out how the NCAA won't look into the dirt Marshall did while in their last couple years of I-AA preparing to move up to I-A. Unabashed cheaters is what they are and they should not be mentioned on any of our Griz boards in any good way. Yeah, Yeah, I know--tell you how I really feel.

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