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Adrian McPherson


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MURRAY, Ky. -- Former Florida State quarterback Adrian McPherson dropped
out of
Murray State this week, less than a month after he
transferred to the Division I-AA

McPherson, a sophomore, would have been eligible to
play next season. However, the
school forbid him to play until his legal problems were
Athletic director E.W. Dennison said McPherson informed
the school of his decision
through his lawyer.

"I think he realized his football career would be put
on hold indefinitely,'' Dennison said.
"He's been at home for two weeks attending to legal
matters, which has kept him away
from classes and put him behind academically.''

McPherson attended his first classes at Murray State on
Jan. 13, school officials said.

McPherson was arrested on Nov. 27 and charged with a
felony and misdemeanor
charge for taking a blank check from an auto
accessories company in Tallahassee, Fla.
The check was later made out for $3,500 and cashed.
Last week, prosecutors added
two felony charges.

McPherson's arrest came two days after Florida State
coach Bobby Bowden kicked him
off the Seminoles' squad.

A sophomore last season, McPherson appeared in nine
games, completing 80-of-155
passes for 1,017 yards with 12 TD passes and only one
interception. He went 3-1 in his
four starts.
Mr. McPherson here is what you need to do. Clear the legal troubles. Ask many a former Seminole for a great lawyer. Secondly buy and I mean buy a nice suit at Dillards. You will want to wear some nice jewlery too. Deion knows of a great place in New Orleans to get some. Don't ask Janikowski for any GHB before court begins. It'll make you tired in there. And when its all said and done you can go to a NAIA school like Georgetown,KY.