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A tough end to the Season.


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Congrats to the Griz on a hard fought season. Since not many of the NDSU games were on the satelite I tended to tune in the Griz this year and watched most games. Yesterday was a tough, tough loss. I think that the team really played thier hearts out, but caught some bad breaks and perhaps some of the play calling was too conservative (like playing for the tie and the sqibb kick :roll: ).

As an outsider a couple observations:

1- It will be interesting to see what Hauck can do during the recruiting season. Recruiting and retention of players is always key with the coach.

2- Hauck has seemed pretty green in some of the coaching this year (starting with the NDSU game). I would thing that play calling and decision making, adjustment during the game, etc. will improve next year. I would not be on a band wagon to dump him after the first season. I would surely have some questions about him, but he did make it to the playoffs his first year (on Joe Glenns players). EWait and see what happens in year 2.

3- Next year Ochs needs to pass more. I am not sure why he didn't this year.

Anyway....those are just the ramblings of an outsider that has caught several games this year on TV. I wish the best to the Griz and sports at UM. NDSU has learned a great deal from your program.

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