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A pre-season Quiz.


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OK....thought this would be fun. Please just make a guess, even if you are positive of the answer, so that everyone who wants to, may make a guess. (yes, I know y'all know how to look up the answers....but don't until after you've made a guess...) I'll give the answers in a few days.....

Statistically, which Griz football team had the best offense ever?

What Griz has the Most tackles of all-time?

Name the only player to have two runs of more than 70 yards in his career as a Griz.

What is the longest run from Scrimmage, since they started keeping track of such stats, at UM?


After this year........Who will most likely be the All time leading scorer as a Griz, and who will most likely be the All-time "Sacks" leader?

(The bonus is based on an injury free year for both players.....And I realize that there are no guaranties with such things, but lets be bold and make the prediction!) :wink:
Shit, I'll try...

1996 Griz, best offense.
Vince Huntsberger - most tackles
Yo - 70 yards or more twice
92 Yards - longest run from scrimmage
Snyder - All time leading scorer after 2003 season.
Tim Bush will have the most sacks after this season.

Happy Geaux?

Checked my answers with the Alex Trebec of egriz...
I was 3-3 with a correct answer for the bonus. Never had a memory for stats and crap like that...
Two Egrizers have the balls to guess? :roll:

Maybe There needs to be a prize for the most right.....like a beer at the bar of the winners choice? :wink:
Best Offense - 1999 - 5,691 yrds.

Most Tackles - Vince Huntsberger - 393

Player with 2 runs more than 70 yards - Josh Branen 71 and 79 yards

Longest run from scrimmage - Mike Mickey - 80 yards

All time leading scorer after 2003 - Chris Snyder
All time leader in Sacks - Tim Bush