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A Look Back...Fans Reactions After Losses & Near Losses


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Reactions after the '08 Weber loss

MTGRIZ12 said:
one of many bad play calls..................
Hauck sucks!!
Sugarcoat and defend him all you want but the guy doesn't have a clue....where did he play football at?? Sega?? X-box?? proving today why he should be gone.......no excuse with young players or penalties or turnovers its a poorly prepared team with poor leadership!

Re: Would Glenn be welcomed back?

Re: FIRE HAUCK NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

poorgriz39 said:
Live in the past all you want, but this is the future and all you pieces of crap know that it isn't looking good for your team.

NorthwestFresh said:
The fact is this. The Montana Grizzlies are no longer a cut above the league. We will struggle in almost every game, and the "wow" factor we used to have in the league just got buried by Weber flipping State.

no1uno said:
Can you honestly say that with whom Bobbie selects to play, we have the talent? Eastern's gonna' stomp us

grizd said:
this is a TERRIBLE tackling D.

grizd said:
Our defense is not good at all. We can't tackle, rush the passer or defend the wide receivers. I think they need to start by getting pressure and then hope they learn to wrap up.

grizd said:
our defense needs a tackling clinic. there is not one person on this team that feels the need to wrap up.

Re: My worries about next season
arcadia said:
This may not be the best time to bring this up, but have you thought about the make-up of the Griz next season, and our prospects for having a good team? I have, and it scares the hell out of me.

Selle will have to carry the load. I am not at all sure that he is the answer. We lose our three best O-linemen. I do not think that TBF or Reynolds is the answer. It is frightening to think about.

On defense, we lose our two best D-linemen, Colt Anderson, and Tyler Corwin. I have not been impressed by the younger LBs and D-linemen. I really believe that the quality is just not there like it has been in past years.

Do any of you see things differently?

indian-outlaw said:
Wow!What a bunch of babies. If you all think WSU is a good team wait until we really get routed by EWU. Washington Grizzly may look like Dorn Blazer by the end of the season.

Downwiththefoe said:
It's going to be a long season I am afraid.


Go Griz.

argh! said:
worst defense i've seen in years by the griz.

grizindabox said:
The Griz defense will not win any games. The offense is going to have to score a ton of points and hope the D can get a couple stops.

grizindabox said:
I still think that the Griz will lose 2-3 more games after this. They are very weak on the defensive side of the ball and they can not score enough to win a shootout. The offensive line is poor, and the Griz are not good enough to overcome turnovers.

PeauxRouge said:
I am tired of hearing people say our O line is going to dominate every year and then find out we are where we always are, I will believe our O Line will dominate when I see it.

grizatwork said:
I also have been a believer of the offensive line, but no more. There is either something wrong with our offensive line or ouir offensive game plane. Either way, this is on the coaching staff. WOW.

Re: POOOOOOOOOOR grizlies!!!!!!!

After the 2009 ISU win...

mtgrizrule said:
This is embarrassing. We are NOT a championship team this year!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing consistent about this team, is the inconsistency.

Lotsa love said:
Anyone who thinks our defense does not have problems is living in fairyland. We get no pass rush, and make every opposing QB look like Drew Brees. We are ranked in the top 4 nationally. Does anyone really think we could beat SIU, Richmond, or Nova?

We are not even close to being a top 4 team. Our pass defense is ranked about 100th in the nation. Are you kidding me? We are undefeated because we play the worst schedule of any TOP 20 team in the nation. Alpha is probably right. But, you koolaid dreamers can continue your fantasy until the inevitable happens once again by BGB. I love the Griz, but I am also a realist about what I have seen on the field. This year is shaping up to be another typical one for Big Game Bob......... go 11-0 by squeaking by outmanned opponents in 3-4 games, only to lose once again early in the playoffs.

GrizLA said:
just watching this defensive line is enough to see just how bad the Gris d is....the four on the d line are hapless...

Dmontanagrizzlies said:
Little pressure again, the D is overrated. If our front four cannot get through a line that allows the most QB sacks in FCS, Houston...

Bozgriz said:
We can't blitz every play because it puts our average corners on an island and we've all seen the big plays that result from man-to-man coverage. Frankly, we need to have our offense control the ball in order to protect the defense. That, is a problem that will become more obvious when we play faster, stronger teams in the playoffs. My two cents...

when the Griz get bounced in the playoffs yet again this year I am sending you a PM a day for six months saying "what part of BGB getting bounced in the playoffs dont you get?" It happens every year no other team can say that

MTGRIZ12 said:
Horrible pu$$y defense
Kicker while he made a big kick still sucks and is 50/50 at best

mtgrizrule said:
DAMN, defense is sucking again this week.

Paytonlives said:
The D coaches are the ones that need a chewing out... Terrible D calls.

smack-down said:
Weakest unbeaten No. 1 ever?

SeatownGrizzly said:
All this game proved was that the Griz are very overrated. I don't see this team advancing very deep in the playoffs.


After the 2011 Sac State Loss

I held my tongue last year, when my beloved Griz rolled over and took it in the ass. I held my tongue when this douche broke 17 years of playoff tradition. No more. Fuck Pflu. Bring back Bobby, find a random high school coach, I don't care. Anything is better than this garbage.

batrack said:
I told you idiots when he was hired that it was a bad choice, top of the list of morons is alphgiz and his so called Pfluffy crue. Also for the ones that jumped my ass last week for pointing out problems, you guys are not very educated if you think the win against EWU was not filled with glaring problems. Well fellas the proof was the egg that was laid today in sacremento. Not everyone is meant to be a head coach, and Pfluffy is the last in a long list in football.

GoldStandardGriz said:
I've got the Pflu, & it's an ugly one. This IS NOT Griz football. This is the weakest, most pathetic offense I've seen run here since I began watching Griz football in the early '90s. Add horrible play calling to an already weak scheme & you've got a big pile of dog poop. Pflu was given the keys to a ferrari & has driven it into the Clark Fork. NEVER thought I'd feel this way, but man I wish Hauck was here. We have gone from a disciplined team that rarely beat itself, to an undisciplined one that consistently does. And bottom line-WE WON! Don't even get me started about special teams, just plain garbage. I've been to, or watched every game for the past 19 years (weddings & vacations excluded)-this offense is a joke! The horses are there, the ones holding the reins are to blame. This is horrible. Now I have to hear from kitty fans about how they're better than us & know that with Pflu in charge they're right (on the field at least). WE ARE..... MONTANA........WE ARE......PFADING PFAST.........WE ARE .........GOING NOWHERE WITH THIS GUY. Excuse me while I go throw up......again.

Growler1 said:
Will Pflugrad be allowed to finish-out his 3-year contract? Probably. Will things get worse for us before they get better under this coach? Probably.
Griz dominance is a mere memory for those of us who have enjoyed this 20-year ride. We are told that all good things must eventually end, and I agree with that. But, I take no solace in watching it all end in the manner I witnessed on the field in California yesterday.

BooThePflu said:
Who's ready for a new head coach and offensive coordinator?

Come vent with us at Boo the Pflu on Facebook:
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Boo-the-Pflu/263822126992027" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

northendzonecrazy said:
This team is flat-lining and in many ways regressing from game to game. Thats a sign of poor coaching

Cats2506 said:
I have been saying this since you hired pflugrad, and you guys have said I dont know what I'm talking about,

ms griz said:
When Robin Pflugrad was hired, I questioned the choice. He had no head coaching experience and was passed over for a number of headcoaching jobs for a reason.
He is not head coach material.
I personally think he was forced on Bobby to hire as an assistant due to the fact that O'Day knew Bobby was going to move on and he wanted a person in place to take over. Bad deal.
I would like to know who was on the committee to hire the new head coach and how much they knew about football.
O'Day doesn't seem to have a clue.

1bigGRIZ said:
We wont know what the playoffs feel like cuz we wont be there

live4dagriz said:
I want to believe this is a reason for hope, I really do. That 08 had a totally different feel though. Hardened team with an experienced and proven staff. This team and staff looks totally lost in the wilderness.

Blgs Griz Fan said:
What happened to Kemp? Pflu must really dislike him for challenging his golden boy at the QB position. I think pflu is the most stubborn coach I have seen in decades.

AZGrizFan said:
WaGriz4life said:
JJ is our best QB. Get used to it

Then get used to a lot of games like last nights. :thumb:

PeauxRouge said:
Weber may stomp the Griz again. This time in their own house.

grizaremoregooder said:
The knock on Gerald Kemp at quarterback was that he could not throw the ball-after watching Jordan Johnson this season I can't see how he could be worse. The time for a change is NOW-put Gerald Kemp in at quarterback and see what he can do.

Grizzoola said:
At this point, I'm wondering if the Griz can even beat the Bears next week. :shock:

AZGrizFan said:
I think we lose WSU and MSU, and one of the "other" games that we've always counted as a "gimmie". :oops: :oops: :oops:

Well, like i've said a couple times on here, our two victories are against two teams with a combined 1-7 record. And if we win next week, our wins will be against teams with a combined 1-11 record.

It appears we've become the "cream of the crap". :? :?

VermontGrzfan said:
waaaah - griz suck
waaaah - jj sucks
waaah - d sucks

Reality - Griz are 2-2 after a tough first four games.

Problems? - yes.

end of season? - no.

griz nation better grow a pair or this WILL be a long season

Bozgriz said:
OK seriously: what will it take to say "enough" with Pflugrad?

FireGriz said:
It's not worth my time to spell this clown's name correctly.
I hear you!!! lot of great comebacks over the years...little concerned we don't have the leadership to get it done...

Bozgriz said:
Pflugrad: 2 wins 5 losses on the road in his career after today...

This one is to you alphagiz, now you boy Pfluffy has done 2 things that that Hauck never did. That would be missing the playoffs and losing to Sac State, god your a idiot.

Pflu needs an OC with experience. Horrible.

Every loss or close loss, with dominate teams or not, is a broken record around here lol...


Plenty of crow to go around at the end of this season as well. :thumb:
I'm not gonna lie. That was fucking EPIC!!!

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
Of all my epic posts.......that is the one you quote?

This place is unbefu*kinglievable.


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Of all my epic posts.......that is the one you quote?

This place is unbefu*kinglievable.


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What was epic was the backhanded complement you handed the Griz in the process... :lol:
AZGrizFan said:
I'm not gonna lie. That was f***[*] EPIC!!!

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

Was going to reply with something original, but can't say it better than this!
Oh, I almost forgot one of the other doozies always heard after a loss or near loss:

I have been watching Montana football for many years &
most excellent pck! :thumb: This team will get on a roll.... i for one am happy to be at 7-2 knowing the best football hasn't been close to being played.... enjoy the ride folks :clap:
I guess I didn't think we were wrapping up against Weber and it's still a pet peeve of mine. Even in games we win we miss a lot of tackles because we hit to high and don't wrap up.