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Excellent!!! :clap: :clap: MD for coach of the year!!! :thumb: With that said, I can take the overtimes, soft pass defense, blah blah blah, but what makes me dizzy is the going for a TD several times within the 30 when it is 3rd and 5. Please just try a quick slant??? Thank you.
With the recent injuries for the Griz, have any freshman that are being redshirted this season had their redshirt pulled to fill the roster spots?
An interesting fact ... apparently overlooked by some (many?) on here ... as they piss and moan, even after the win. ["The Griz don't deserve their ranking. They don't have any quality wins. If they lose to the cats, they won't even get into the playoffs. Etc. Etc."]

Have you looked at the current conference standings? The Griz lost ONLY to the teams that stand one and two in the Big Sky. Perhaps they may have not had any "good wins" -- not sure I agree with that -- but they sure as Hell! haven't had any "bad losses." (Yes, they looked bad in the NAU loss, but -- on the objective record -- the Lumberjacks are a pretty good team.)

In all of FCS, there are just 18 teams with 2 or fewer losses. Three are in the Big Sky, and one of those is the Griz. Of the 18, 8 are in wimp conferences like the Patriot and the NEC. You can bitch all you want about the teams the Griz have played, but -- as was discussed at length on another thread -- UM has played one of the toughest, if not the toughest BSC schedule of anyone in the conference with a winning record.

I tend to be one who tries not to let my hopes get too high -- so disappointment maybe won't hurt as much -- but the numbers shows that this is a pretty damn good Griz team. Repeat: They're good. Naysayers ... get over it.