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7 year old's perspective


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I watched the game with my family, my oldest son is seven.

I simply love how he doesn't get down about things. He doesn't fully understand how NCAA overtime works, so when ISU scored he was ready to watch the game continue...to see the Griz score again.
"the Griz are gonna score a TD this time daddy i just know it!"

I had to explain that it was the end. he was a little saddened. he looked up and said "they sure tried they're best didn't they daddy?"

I just looked at him and said "yeah." and after thinking for a few seconds said "that's what really matters."

"yeah, he answered. now let's go out back and i'll be Talmage!"

I love how he supports the team no matter what,win or lose, good or bad, and because of their goodness, and inspite of their shortcomings.
Grizmania... by any chance are you the old GRIZBACKER? I've wondered what ever happened to him...
nope, i've been GrizMania for quite some time. I think going on 6 years or more. Before this board, and before the GrizzlyGrind(Rivals board now defefunct) I was bagriz( be a griz :D ).
geez in internet years i'm pretty old. :lol:
I saw a Grizbacker post at the MSU site a couple weeks ago though.
Some other "old-time" posters i've not seen are AgedGriz and Grizfan.
Grizfan(not Grizfan-24) had started the GrizzlyGrind and i was/is a great guy...and the best guitar player in Missoula.

Perhaps the two oldest Griz posters are "the Betch" and "argh!"
IMHO argh! has aged quite nicely much like a fine cheese and smells about the same. :wink:
I'm not sure i recognize anyone on this board by their current name as ones from older boards.

Ooops, you ask a yes or no question and i go on a ramble....nothing new. :eek:

P.S. GrizMania.com ripped me off! If that site was as good as this one i'd not be perturbed though...or even a few dollars as week would be nice.