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# 6 Thompson Falls 7-0 vs #7 Eureka 7-0


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Ok I know this isn't going to mean much since the Missoulian doesn't report about anything 10 miles outside of Missoula...but this should be a great football game in Thompson Falls tommorrow night...
Maybe the best game so far this year. It is the game of the year in Western B football. So grab a parka and make the trip north. Should be some good football.
So if anyone wants to make a drive up the Clark Fork Valley to watch the title game for 6B. I am biased obviously, but I encourage anyone to make the trip to T-Falls tommorrow night... Go Bluehawks...and Griz too...
Yeah, I agree that should be an awesome game. Wish I could go, but I have the last Superior game of the season! Gotta watch my boys kill Loyola! Whoever wins tomorrow night, should play us at our place in the first round of the playoffs! And whoever loses will probably play us in the second round (provided we get past whoever we play first). I doubt either team would have any trouble with any other team in 5B.
Both of the above should be good games.
I'm going to class A Frenchtown vs Butte tonight. I expect that to be a good one also.
Well we the Bluehawks triumphed over Eureka 30-6. THe game was a bit closer than the score. Yet we got through the regular season undefeated for the first time since the 70's.

I am not even sure who we play yet next week it will be either Deer Lodge or Florence.

Superior will play Eureka and will have their hands full. Eureka is a tallented team. They will be probably the quickest team Superior will have played all year, that is until we play them in two weeks.
Yeah, the Superior-Loyola was pretty much all that was expected. One of the Eureka players' family stayed at my hotel and they said that the game was closer than the score read too. Sounds like they had a couple drives that were almost there. His Dad even went as far as to say that the next time the two teams meet that things will be different. That could be true, but he is making a big mistake by underestimating my boys. T-Falls will kill DeerLodge or Florence, and Superior will beat Eureka, and in two weeks we are going to have one heck of a good game to watch! :)
Yeah, I agree. We coaches up here are already looking at a bit of Superior tape. I can say that Superior gets it done up front.

However, Eureka will cause you guys problems. They have as much speed as anybody you will have seen this year. Their two backs run as well as anyone in the state.

Honestly, that game on Friday night wasn't as close as that guy would have said. Though Eureka wants another shot at us as we have dominated them over the past four or five years. Additionally, I don't know that they can get by you guys because you will flat out use them up front. They will struggle to stop your run. Though I wouldn't expect a 45-7 win, but something in the area of 28-14. There won't be a lot of passing in that game, that is for sure.

We have the luck of playing Florence again. We were down at half to them 14-7 but came out in the second half and beat them 35-7. Florence is huge at tackle, which we struggled with early on in that game. I am a bit scared of them because of their ability to run the football and we did struggle running against them. But my guess is that our scores will be similar,...something like 30-7 or the like.
Yeah, Florence has their moments, but I agree that you guys will do fine against them. I was hoping that Eureka would get up early Saturday morning and drive to Superior, and we would have the benefit that they would be tired, but no such luck! They are staying at my hotel Friday night. It's a good thing that Im such an angel, otherwise I might be tempted to make their stay a little more interesting...... :angel:
GrizzlyGirl, maybe you should explain what you mean by that. People could take what you said a lot of ways, especially on this board. :wink:
haha!!!! well I definitely did NOT mean that I would cavort with the enemy!!!! :) I would never actually do anything that was wrong, it was just funny to think about how easy it would be to set wake-up calls for 2 am or put them below rooms with noisy running children (though in past experiences, the loudest guests are usually teams or other big groups of people together) or something else like that!! Like I said, good thing I'm such an :angel: !! Honestly, I know that my boys can beat them without any silly antics, so I worked very hard to set the rooms up so LCHS ground floor rooms are all under LCHS upper floor rooms, and they should get lots of rest and be bright eyed come Saturday morning. Unless of course they are kept awake by their own fear!! :)
Yeah no kidding that post might suggest many things that are not in the most angelic of terms...

I am glad you clarified because I was beginning to wonder about some peoples ethics in Superior.

Yeah LCHS is going to need plenty of sleep for Saturday's game. I imagine they are going to have nightmares of that huge offensive and defensive line bearing down on them all the time. Especially Donovan in his gigantic 6-7 frame. Yikes...

Did I hear right that Donovan broke his foot? I have just heard rumours floating around. All I heard is that he did and his is still playing but it does cause him some discomfort. Just curious
Yep, Colin broke his foot against DeerLodge. He suited up last week against Loyola but did not play. However, he has practiced all this week and should be fine to play on Saturday. I assume it does hurt him some, but he is a tough kid! :)
Thanks for the info. Those are pretty large feet to break. I am sure that in no way is it comfortable.

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