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390 yards passing, 3 TD's against our secondary


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The offense was great today. Now the cry babies can piss and moan about the secondary.

Hey Bear Assed, should we fire Hammerschimdt now?
what the hell was great about 3 picks and a fumble. 2 of the picks were in the redzone, with one a terrible pass from about the 6 inch line! that's 8 turnovers in the last 2 games. the offense gained a lot of yards, but look who they were playing! the 3rd or 4th worst defense in 1-aa! man, to pull and az, you sure are a sugarcoater, rainbow!
Whaa, Whaa, Whaa!

Why don't you go root for Oklahoma, you bandwagoner.

You cry baby, pisser and moaner. You're never happy. Go away!

It's your fuc#ing fault we got in a shootout today, you idiot moron.

The coaches were giving in to fan pressure.

Thanks alot Bear Assed, argh!, silvertip, and the rest of you whiners, you got your wish and it cost us a game.
well, i'll say this....we sure seemed to be running the ball awfully well with Green. Don't know if i'm totally with you on your comments Ronbo but i think you have alot of truth in your statements.
ronbo said:
It's your fuc#ing fault we got in a shootout today, you idiot moron.
The coaches were giving in to fan pressure.

Ronbo, I think your frustration is being misdirected. The coaches don't listen to the fans. Period. The game was lost in double OT, it was a slugfest... the gameplan was devised to exploit their weak secondary, which it did.

Unfortunately, ISU had the same game plan.

Kudo's to all the kids who played their hearts out today...
I thought we only had 3 turnovers.

ronbo, are you trying to say the secondary had a good game? or are you just saying that nobody is allowed to think that they had a bad game? just curious. Hauck and pretty much anyone interested in Griz football has mentioned that the secondary is a weakness. Just wondering if you think Hauck is wrong on that.
gee, i didn't realise it was because of a couple of my posts on meaningless message boards that cost the griz the game. so sorry rainbow! i grievously apologise. if only i had acted in the way you wanted, obviously this would have been a big win! i am so sorry for pressuring the coaches to throw against the second worst secondary in the big sky. please accept my heartfelt apology. i really messed up. boy, did i screw up that game. darn it. how could i? i feel so bad. i guess i better go away, so rainbow never has to deal with reali.., er, me.
Ronbo, I usually agree with alot of what you post, but dude, lay off the espresso shots, take a deep breath and relax. No one is calling for Hammershmidts head.

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