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Thats right, according to the 'semi official possibly funked up' count down clock on my site...

Just 24 hours my brothers, sisters, and fellow FAN-ATICS.

Everyone have a blast, say some prayers, and make enough noise so our boys can hear you in Maine!

Go Griz!
:lol: Had to laugh GGG when I read your post. I made sure to watch the clock turn over to 24 hrs left before the unleashing of the Griz on the Blackbears. I think I,m losing it. :eek:
Good luck to us brother GGG, good luck to us brother egriz, brother JahGriz, brother Hammer, brother GrizMania, brother grizpack, brother TrueGriz, brother GeauxGriz, brother loyalgriz, brother UPWIMT, brother grizfnz, brother GrizzlyEdd, brother BILLYBEAR, brother 24GRIZ, brother VictorG, brother NativeGriz, brother GrizRoc, brother Northern Griz, brother Grizomatic406, brother 62GRIZ, brother cadwiz30, brother '68griz, brother GrizRanger, brother Jimus, brother Griziron, brother Flathead Griz , brother n-zonecrayz, brother Proud Griz Man, brother SpokaneGriz, brother djonevers, brother Sportin' Life , brother biggriz, brother DuCharme and sister GrizzlyGirl. Whew! Sorry if I missed someone, I'm sure I did.

Good luck to the Griz, Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

Go Griz!
At least it's not just ME! I've been walking around the house and every time I meet my wife in some room I say 26, 25, 24....she's starting to look at me funny, just like she looks at the dog before she takes the "broom" to him, then throws him "outside"!

Actually she getting excited too!

Go GRIZ!!!
Back at ya' brother ronbo, in spades.

This time tomorrow, no matter what the score is, life will pretty much be back to normal in Grizville. Thank you Sweet Jesus, and Amen. GO GRIZ!!!