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2025 UM Football Recruiting Offers (34)

Observations from the recent Junior days between the Montana schools via twitter.

The cats seem to connect better with this generation when it comes to the social media and photo shoot aspect. Has been a trend for a while.

The Griz seem to treat the Junior day with more of a business trip mentality. There are photo-shoots but not the same level of individual graphics that the cats send out that gets the kids all hyped up.

Each approach has its pros and cons.
T= Twitter
247= 247Sports.com
N= Newspaper
Bold= New Info
Pinned= Player put offer on top of his Twitter Page

2025 Offers (29)
ATH- Jayden Bradley 6'2" 200 (Rock Hill HS) Frisco, TX (3 Star) (T 4/2/24)
ATH- Carter Curnow 6'4 205 (Beaverhead HS) Dillon, MT (T 2/2/24)
RB/ATH- McKay Madsen 6'2" 235 (Clovis North HS) Fresno, CA (T 3/25/24)
RB- Steve Chavez 6'"0 215 (Orange Lutheran HS) Orange, CA (T 3/2/24)
QB- Nolan Keeney 6'5" 220 (Tualiatin HS) Tualatin, OR (3 Star) (247 3/12/24)
QB- Grant Vigen 6'6" 210 (Gallitan HS) Gallitan, MT (3-star) (T 1/27/24)
OL/DL- Brady Ackerman 6'4" 255 (Nooksack Valley HS) Everson, WA (T 4/2/24)
OL- Ren Brown 6'6" 280 (Stanton HS) Stanton, NE (T 3/17/24)
OL- Michael Wagner 6'6" 255 (Maple Grove Senior HS) Maple Grove, MN (3 Star) (T 3/10/24)
OL- Abel Hoopii 6'5" 330 (Kahuka HS) Hauula, HI T 3/2/24)
TE/ATH- Austin Simmons 6'5" 225 (West Albany HS) Albany, OR (T 3/27/24)
TE/CB- Vinny Souza 6'4" 200 (Billings Central HS) Billings, MT (T 3/13/24)
TE/RB/LB- Jacob Houseworth 6'4" 225 (Fortuna HS) Fortuna, CA (3 Star) (T 3/8/24)
TE/LB- Luke Webb 6'2: 225 (JSerra HS) Fresno, CA (T 3/5/24)
TE/DE- Jax Markovich 6'5" 230 (Horizon HS) Scottsdale, AZ (T 3/1/24)
WR- Jackson Bolender 6'1"185 (The Woodlands HS) The Woodlands, TX (3/28/24)
WR- Jase Nix 5'9" 170 (San Marcos HS) San Marcos, CA (T 3/27/24)
WR- Ty Olsen 6'2" 190 (Del Notre HS) San Diego, CA (3 Star) (T 3/27/24)
WR- Bryson Baker 6'1" 180 (Sanger HS) Sanger, CA (247 3/13/24)
WR- CJ Jones 6'2" 180 (Sunnyside HS) Fresno, CA (T 3/5/24)
WR/DB- Legend Lyons 6'2" 185 (Charter Oak HS) Covina, CA (T 3/1/24)

DE/TE- Logan Knapp 6'6" 230 (Clayton Valley HS) Concord, CA (T 4/5/24)
DE-Connor Vasek 6'4" 230 (Westlake HS) Austin, TX (4/2/24)
DE- Cole Cogshell 6'3" 230 (Muir HS) Pasadena, CA (T 3/1/24)
DE/OT- Manamo'ui Muti 6' 6" 280 (Leilehua HS) Wahaiwa, HI (3-star) (T 1/31/24) (Oregon State, UCLA)
LB- Bryce Braden 6'3" 230 (Stratford HS) Stratford, TX (3 Star) (T 3/29/24)
DB- Ahmyriu McGee-Hall 5'11" 170 (St Mary's HS) Stockton, CA (3 Star) (T 3/12/24)
DB/WR- Ean Carr 6' 0" 185 (Frisco Lone Star HS) Frisco, TX (T 1/24/24)
S- Donte Utu 6'1" 175 (Punahou HS) Honolulu, HI (T 3/1/24)
Boy this is an offense-heavy list...sure hope there are more defensive offers out there...
Lots of California and Texas offers o.o

It appears they are going for a different recruiting strategy. I like it.
Yep... 32 Offers this early for Hauck & crew is unheard of!
I’m assuming it’s a couple different factors.

Scholarships freed up after the Covid glut coupled with the strategy of going a lot of local and Montana guys with partials the last few years.

Brand momentum after an appearance in a national championship game.

New staff and new recruiting strategy.

Whatever it is, we will hit on some good recruits. Will we sacrifice anything culture wise or is this what we need to do to get over the hump?